World Diabetes Day 2017 – Facts, Themes and History

Diabetes is a chronic condition which has today affected millions of people across the globe. Not only this, the disease is still on the rise and is sure to affect thousands and millions of more people globally. Such is the spread of the disease that many call diabetes an epidemic disease now. Type 1 and Type 2 are the most important types of diabetes affecting lots of population in every country.

Realizing the above as well as understanding the importance of spreading awareness about diabetes, the World Health Organization and the International Diabetes Federation have together initiated a campaign wherein they celebrate November 14 of every year as the World Diabetes Day. Programs, campaigns, and events are held which help in spreading awareness about the disease.

Not many people are aware of this day. In this article, we deal with November 14 as the World Diabetes Day. Through the article, we shall know about the various facets which the world diabetes day deals with. So, join in for the article “World Diabetes Day-Fact, Theme, and History.”

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When and Why is World Diabetes Day Celebrated?

World Diabetes Day is celebrated on 14th November each year. The main aim behind dedicating a day towards celebrating diabetes day is to educate and spread awareness amongst the general masses about diabetes, how to deal with the condition effectively, and to remove some of the myths associated with the chronic condition.

The International Diabetes Federation has taken the responsibility of organizing this day and holds campaigns, events, meetings, lectures, etc. in order to spread its message.

Who Introduced World Diabetes Day?

Realizing the increasing number of patients suffering from the different types of diabetes, the World Health Organization and the International Diabetes Federation jointly introduced a campaign to recognize November 14 as the World Diabetes Day.

Why Was November 14th Chosen as the World Diabetes Day?

We all know the importance of insulin in dealing with diabetes effectively. As November 14 happens to be the birthday of one of the co-founders of insulin, namely Frederick Banting, it has been chosen as the World Diabetes Day. The all-important insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting and Charles Best together in the year 1922.

How Is World Diabetes Day Celebrated?

As mentioned above, in order to spread awareness about the chronic condition, the International Diabetes Federation organizes meetings, lectures, sports events, conferences, various programs on television and radio, exhibitions, amongst a host of other related events and campaigns.

History of World Diabetes Day

Let us now delve into the history of this day. The history of world diabetes day dates back to 1991 when a campaign for the awareness of diabetes was jointly organized by the World Health Organization and the International Diabetes Federation. The day was recognized officially by the United Nations in the year 2006 and since then November 14 of every year is celebrated as the World Diabetes Day. Today, the day is celebrated in more than 160 countries where the members of the International Diabetes Federation organize a lot of campaigns, events, and programs to spread awareness about diabetes and its related complications.

The main aim with which the campaign was organized included the following:

  • To recognize diabetes as a global health issue and correspondingly take adequate measures to raise awareness about the disease and how to deal with the same in an effective manner.
  • The campaign is also meant to serve as a platform for raising awareness about the efforts undertaken by the International Diabetes Federation.

World Diabetes Day

A blue circle is a logo of the World Diabetes Day campaign. The same was adopted in the year 2007. The logo stands significant as it signifies that all the diabetes patients worldwide will come together, unite, and fight against the chronic diabetes condition.

What is the Significance of Blue Buildings During World Diabetes Day?

Going with the blue circle logo of the World Diabetes Day, famous monuments in different parts of the world are lit blue in order to show their support for the cause of the campaign and also to spread awareness about the chronic condition. This also helps to garner a lot of public support towards the campaign.

Examples of famous buildings that showcased a blue light in order to show support for world diabetes day includes the Brisbane City Hall and the very famous Sears Towers.

World Diabetes Day Theme

Each year the day is celebrated with a particular theme in mind. The basis on which the theme is decided varies as per those who are in need the most and is also influenced by the risks as well as various complications involved in dealing with the disease.

For example, the following was the theme in the different years in the past:

  • 2013: Protect our Future through Diabetes Education and Prevention.
  • 2014: Go Blue for Breakfast.
  • 2015: Healthy Eating.
  • 2016: Eyes on Diabetes.

Thus, through the various themes, the organizers try to portray the importance of managing diabetes in the most effective manner. A good, healthy diet for those suffering from the condition should be such that the blood glucose and sugar levels are kept within control, the carbohydrates and protein intake is such that it is good for the body. Also, it is extremely important to not only eat right but to know the right quantity of meals.

What is the Theme of the Upcoming World Diabetes Day in 2017?

The theme for world diabetes day for the year 2017 is “Women and Diabetes.” The same was announced on March 8 to recognize and respect women’s day.

The total women population suffering from the condition in different parts of the world is huge: somewhere around 199 million. Diabetes is also the ninth most possible cause of death in women. Realizing the same, the International Diabetes Federation has sought to dedicate its campaign for the management of diabetes of 2017 for this particular cause. The main ambition of the campaign will be to promote awareness amongst the women as to how the disease can be better managed and how the women can be self-sufficient in dealing with the same.

The day is celebrated with much joy and gusto in different parts of the world. Individuals, organizations, patients, hospitals, as well as different associations, come together in order to celebrate and mark the importance of world diabetes day.In order to increase participation and make it more attractive, the campaigns are laden with different themes and fun activities. Amidst all the pomp and show, however, one should not forget the importance and the very reason why this day is celebrated. Diabetes, being such a complicated condition, it is very important that everyone is aware of the disease in its entirety!!

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