Why is My Blood Sugar Normally High in the Evening?

The excess of sugar in blood level leads to a condition called diabetes, which is caused due to the nation utilization of sugar to energy. If this situation remains, the catabolism decreases and body suffers from various diseases which affect the internal organs. For a person, who has diabetes must have a watch on his blood sugar which is often seen to take a peek during evenings. Well, there can be various reasons as for why blood sugar levels rise during the afternoon or might be hours after having a good meal.

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What makes the blood sugar level to rise?

In many cases, after you have your dinner, the food is being broken down into simpler substances like glucose. Now glucose can be utilized for utilization by the body and broken down into energy. While you are at rest the lover releases glucose in the bloodstream, that’s why there is the excess of glucose in the blood and while on being tested it shows the higher level of blood sugar.

The tendency, when the insulin released from the liver does not meet the requirement to utilize the glucose, thereby accumulating the excess of it during morning 3 am and waking up time is called the dawn phenomenon.

The solution is that you have to change the time of having dinner and then medication. Have an early dinner and thereby have medicine, so that it has enough time to work on your increase blood sugar level.

Somogyi phenomena: It’s been seen that people who take insulin during evenings are often subjected to low blood sugar at mornings. The reason is that rebound hyperglycemia, and this is very common in children who are affected by diabetes.

Instant increase in blood sugar and stress causes the decrease in insulin level, which raises the level of diabetes.

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High Blood Sugar

What foods are responsible for natural Blood Glucose increment?

It’s a false notion that high-calorie foods are always responsible for the increase in blood sugar level.  Food which could be easily digestible is also responsible for the rise in the blood sugar level.

  • Carbohydrate-based foods like- rice, bread, noodles, potato, fruits, sugar
  • Protein-based food like- meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, soybean, soy product, milk, and other dairy products
  • Fat based food like oil, ghee, butter and fats

What foods are responsible for decreasing the level of diabetes?

  • Apples: researchers have found that people who eat apples are lesser prone to diabetes and heart-related disease.
  • Cinnamon: After 40 days of continuous consumption of cinnamon, blood sugar is seen to decrease.
  • Citrus fruits: people having citrus grains have a lower tendency of diabetes and other heart-related diseases.
  • Cold water fish: Consumption of raw water fishes like Alaskan salmon, sardines, and Atlantic mackerel leads to a lower level of LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol.
  • Fiber-rich food: people who have at least 24- 50 gms of fiber a day are lesser prone to diabetes and other heart-related diseases.
  • Legumes: consumption of chickpeas, cannelloni beans, kidney beans and lentils in soups have seen to lower the level of diabetes in humans
  • Green tea: regular use of green tea leads to neutralization of the chronic inflammation caused by high-fat food, lack of exercise and eating few vegetable.
  • Nuts: nuts are rich in dietary fiber, and they are said to protect the heart from cardiac diseases.

Which foods cause the sudden ups and downs in blood sugar level?

  • Artificial sweeteners are responsible for a sudden increase in sugar level of people who do not have diabetes. Drinking of zero sugar soda might lead to the immediate fall of sugar level in some people.
  • Dehydration leads to an increase in blood sugar level. Dehydration leads to hyperglycemia which leads the blood to be concentrated and ultimately leads to a rise in sugar level.
  • Some medicines might meddle with diabetes control. Steroids which are used to control anti-inflammatory condition, autoimmune conditions, asthma, antidepressant, anti psychotics, diuretics and nasal conditions cause an increase in blood sugar level. Some drugs have been proved to lower blood sugar level.
  • Menstrual cycle in women often leads to variation in blood sugar level. Women with diabetes become sensitive to insulin, and their blood sugar level becomes increased. With the commencement of menstrual cycle their blood sugar level normalizes.
  • Inefficient sleep sometimes leads to a whack in blood sugar level. When a person does not have enough sleep, he suffers from stress, and then his blood sugar level shoots up.
  • Temperature alteration can be the cause of blood sugar swing. High temperature sometimes leads to dilation of blood vessels thereby leading to insulin absorption and lowering blood sugar level. So, it’s advisable to stay indoors while the temperature shoots up.
  • Excessive traveling can lead to disruptive blood sugar level. If you are traveling across geological time zones, then it leads to irregular schedule thereby leading to medication gap and then increase in blood sugar level.
  • Excessive drinking coffee can lead to a sudden shoot up in blood sugar level. Coffee is said to have high-calorie content and thereby influences the insulin behavior in your body.
  • Not washing hands before a blood sugar check can lead to erroneous results. Nowadays, the process of checking blood sugar is susceptible, and with the presence of a few more drops, the effect becomes incorrect.

So it’s seen that for those people who have an incremental tendency of blood sugar during evenings are advised with the following activities.

  • To walk at least 10,000 steps in the evenings.
  • To have an early dinner.
  • To take medication in right time.
  • While traveling trying to maintain light meals and right medication along with sleep.
  • To avoid remaining awake till late night that might increase the blood sugar level.
  • To eat right, i.e., incorporating fiber-based diet along with vitamin and protein-based food.
  • To have enough of water, at least eight glasses per day will prevent the blood vessels from drying and thereby maintain blood sugar level.
  • To abstain from unnecessary tension and panic in everyday life.

Blood sugar if treated well can probably not be a threat to life. It’s controllable with controlled activities.

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