Why is My Blood Sugar High After Exercise?

When you have the excess of glucose in your bloodstream that does not get absorbed by the insulin secreted by your body, the condition is known as diabetes. Diabetes can lead to severe consequences like degeneration of internal organs, but if treated at an early stage will cure quickly.

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Why it is that blood sugar level increases after you exercise?

If your body triggers low amount of insulin, then the presence of other hormones like epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol, glucagon will collectively trigger the liver to release the glucose into the blood and thereby increases the blood sugar. The hormones influence the breakdown of fat into smaller and simpler particles.

The other thought process says that the hormones trigger the liver to release glucose into the bloodstream while exercising. The level of hormones in the bloodstream may result from glucose to enter the blood.

For people who are not athletes, high-intensity exercise is not required for controlling blood glucose level. In fact, more easy and light exercise will work if preferred. The high-level activity might result in muscle injury and other fatal consequences.

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What tips should I follow while exercising, so that to keep my blood sugar under control?

If you have settled your mind for exercise, there are some considerations that you must follow.

  • Think about all the enjoyable activities you did in the past. Yoga, swimming, dancing, gardening, jumping, and kickboxing (might be). Anything that will raise your heart rate will do well. Continue the practice of these activities.
  • Let your doctor know when and what exercises you are doing. He will check and let know if you need to change your meals and medicines. If you are given insulin, might be the time can be rescheduled.
  • Checking your blood sugar in between exercise is very much required. If your blood glucose level alters, then you might have to take a snack. Always keep a check of your blood sugar level before and after exercise.
  • Always carry some small carbohydrates like- biscuits, fruits, drinks or sugar. In case you face low blood sugar, you may immediately eat them. Else it may lead to dizziness or fainting even.
  • Get acquainted with exercises. In case you are not used to, then give it 10 minutes, 15 minutes or even 30 minutes. It will provide a boost to your health, and you will start feeling better.
  • Make a habit of having medicines every day at the same time. If your level falls, you will face hypoglycemia, and that will affect your body.
  • Always let the gym instructor know that you have diabetes. In case if you are doing yoga or other exercises, let know your partner that you have diabetes and he will take care of you.
  • Try to wear good and comfortable shoes while exercising. Clean your feet every day and take care. If your feet show signs of swelling, immediately let the doctor know about it.
  • Hydrate yourself enough. Carry drinking water and make sure that your tongue does not dry up. This condition is detrimental for people with high blood sugar.

What health benefits do I enjoy if I exercise on a regular basis?

  • Your body makes use of insulin that controls your blood sugar.
  • Your body fat burns off, and you get rid of the extra kilos.
  • Your muscles and body strengthening.
  • Your blood pressure gets lowered.
  • LDL or bad cholesterol is cut off
  • HDL or good cholesterol gets raised.
  • Your blood flow is improved a lot.
  • You are lesser prone to heart-related disease. Lesser chances of getting a stroke or cardiac attack.
  • You have total control on stress
  • Your energy and mood get boosted.
  • You gain good body posture.

What are the common types of exercises that I must practice to get rid of diabetes?

  • Exercise is the most efficient way to beat off diabetes. Might be going to the gym or regular yoga is not possible for each and everybody. But owing to your hectic schedule, you must be doing something that will boost your health forever.
  • Walk some distance for getting your daily ration especially if it’s a walking distance, then avail on foot and avoid traveling by car.
  • Walk the stairs to your office. It will boost some energy, burn calories and thereby make you feel fresh.
  • Cycle some distance in the morning and evening. You will enjoy the cool breeze, and it will be your mood buster.
  • Whenever you are in your garden, try to use a skipping rope. It will initiate and trigger your hormones efficiently.
  • Do some gardening. It is a light activity and will boost your mood and enhance insulin levels to work
  • Practice yoga day and night. There are various postures in yoga that cure diabetes like Pashchimottasana and sitting pose of Vajrasana. Dhanurashana and tree pose is good for a steady weight and also triggering insulin from the pancreas. Light aerobics is suitable for cutting down those extra kilos.
  • Jump the trampoline to enhance your mood and make use of the extra glucose in your body.

Do I opt for weight training if I have diabetes?

Undergoing weight training is essential part if you have diabetes. Weight training increases your strength. Start with light weight and then jump to higher ones, but with the prior consultation of the gym instructor. You may use light dumbles each day and then go to heavier ones.  Working on your muscles, back and butts will improve your posture.

You must take care of your diet in case you want to go for that six pack figure. Opting for a proper protein diet along with exercising and avoiding carbohydrates are essential.

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People who have type2 diabetes must start with slow walking and then gradually speeded up.  You should always keep in mind that unnecessary speeding up at the treadmill or cross trainer might hurt the joints. So, a slow and steady policy is a better one. Regular and efficient exercises will help to keep away from diabetes. Moreover, you will gain confidence, good posture, and a healthy body when you exercise.

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