Why Does My Blood Sugar Go Up Without Eating?

It’s commonly seen when you don’t have food for the longest time your blood sugar shoots up. There are number of reasons for the increase in blood level. Take a time test of diabetes and keep a record and that will reveal that morning levels are always high. Let’s analyze the reasons for such changes.

What are the factors that are responsible for the high blood sugar level in mornings?

While you are fasting, then your body releases its glucose. The insulin released from the liver is not enough to absorb the blood sugar. So, the body exhibits excess blood sugar level.

In case if type 2 diabetes, the hormone that works to keep your body stable works overnight. There is four type of hormone that works together, and ultimately it leads to a higher amount in sugar level. The four hormones that are responsible for controlling blood sugar are-Insulin, Amylin, Incretins, and Glucagon

While sleeping, diabetic people record high blood sugar. The liver and muscles get the signal from extra glucagon, a hormone in humans. The reason is that while sleeping, the liver receives the glucose from there itself and thereby raising the bar of blood sugar. Hormonal imbalance gets the glucose from the liver.

Reversal of type 2 diabetes is not possible, but if the combination of actions occurs then the hormonal activity can sort put high blood sugar problem.

Addition, altering, and change of medicines may increase blood sugar level. Many people take medication to test the insulin level in blood. In type 2 diabetes, many people add insulin to control fasting and glucose levels throughout the day.

In case of type 2 diabetes, weight loss creates hormonal disturbance and insulin sensibility which lowers the blood sugar level. Losing weight is not the only solution to correct the hike in blood sugar level, medication is a necessity.

A bedtime snack will help you reduce the morning blood sugar, or might be after long hours of fasting. You may take a choice between the carbs-friendly snacks like- low-fat yogurt, one serving of tortilla chips and salsa, hummus, the small piece of fruit or might be grapes.

Lack of enough water or fluid might be the reason why blood sugar level rises especially after long hours of sleep. The blood vessel dilates thereby affecting the flow of insulin, thus increasing the blood sugar level.

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Often some light morning activity like exercises or aerobics lessens the morning blood sugar levels. So, depends on which time you measure your blood sugar level.

What sort of danger do I encounter if I skip meals?

skipping meals

Sometimes it occurs that people tend to skip meals and tend to lose weight, but the resultant load shoots up instead be on the lower side. The reason is that when the body is fasting, it releases glucose that aids to maintain or increase the body weight.

When you skip meals, the body releases its glucose and triggers the liver to emit insulin, which increases your blood sugar and makes you feel ill.

When you skip meals, then your blood sugar level shoots up thereby making you feel giddy.  The liver uses the glucose released by it.

When you skip meals, the medication does not work correctly thereby either lowering or increasing your blood sugar level.

Skipping meals will make you feel fatigue, and your stored energy will be used up.

Skipping meals leads to overeating sometimes and thereby not utilizing the energy will lead to accumulating fat sometimes.

People, in general, have some universal disbelief about lowering blood sugar level. But some cautious activities do increase the standard instead of decreasing.

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What are the various myths or false notions about how I reduce my blood sugar level?

Skipping meals does not lower blood sugar level, but it increases in some cases accompanied with increased body weight.

Going low carbohydrate meal is not always a reality towards low diabetes. In fact opting for a balanced meal is much more necessary. Equal proportions of vitamins, protein, and minerals are essential.

Pasta is considered as the simple meal and sometimes a shortcut to weight loss. But pasta is more straightforward in composition and arises a sudden rise in blood sugar since it’s easily broken down into simpler substances.

Adding diabetes bar, snacks and shakes could be a myth buster. In fact, using them instead of regular meals are good but if you eat them aside with meal or nibble side by side that might increase your blood sugar level.

Sprinkling cinnamon in breakfast might help you in reducing diabetes type 2. But, for people with common diabetes, there is no such effect.

Drinking alcohol may lower blood sugar level to some extent. But sometimes it interacts with the liver and disturbs its capacity to trigger insulin, so it’s not a suggested way to reduce blood sugar level.

Drinking green tea is considered good for the heart health. But in some cases, it causes toxicity in the liver.

Having a spoonful of vinegar with a splash of water is used for reducing blood sugar level. But, sometimes due to being toxic, it interacts with the liver and defunct the secretion of insulin, thereby increasing the level of blood sugar in humans.

Increasing the amount of medication will temporarily lower the blood sugar level. But, later it might interact with the liver and aid in the secretion of glucose, thereby increasing the blood sugar level.

Exercising instead of sleeping:  Exercising is a good factor and helps in utilizing the excess glucose. But, sleeping reduces stress, and that is the primary factor that controls blood sugar. So, a sound sleep along with exercise is the one preferred to lower blood sugar.

Some vegetable like bitter gourd or bitter melon reduces the level of blood sugar in humans. But in some instances, it has been seen that it increases the glucose tolerance, and the body seem to absorb more of glucose.

To be fit and beautiful, diabetes patients need to remember that proper diet, medication, exercise, and sleep is a necessity for maintaining sound health.  It is not an occurrence that fasting or over-training, or any other means can radically reduce the level of blood sugar. Keeping a disciplined life is more important to lead a blood sugar-free life.

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