What to Eat When Blood Sugar is High to Lower it?

Blood sugar is an inherent problem for those who don’t have a control on the same. Fluctuations in the blood sugar level are due to irregularities in medication and physical activity. Well, sometimes environmental factor and stress also result in the shoot of blood sugar level. You might feel dizzy, sweat profusely, feel thirsty and start exploring weak. Then your blood sugar level has begun to shoot up.

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What are the signs when my blood sugar becomes high?

Whenever your blood sugar level rises, you start having the following symptoms.

What to do if you facing extremely high blood sugar situation?

Well, if it happens that you are facing a high sugar attack the immediate step is to drink lots of water. It will dilute the blood level thereby saving form a further deterioration. Then you may take medication and come back to normalcy. Extremely high blood sugar might lead to a cardiac arrest in some cases.

High Blood Sugar

What do I eat if I have high blood sugar on a long-term basis?

Well, if you see that your blood sugar has shot up, you must follow some methodology to reduce it. People are affected with pre-diabetes or type2 diabetes.  To lower blood sugar you must do the following.

  • Exercise regularly: This will lead to increased insulin activity.  Exercise helps the muscles to gain energy. The various forms of exercise are- brisk walking, weight lifting, running, walking, skipping, jumping, swimming and much more.
  • Control your intake of carbohydrate: Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose which in turn will raise your diabetic level. By controlling carbohydrate intake, it will lower your blood sugar level. Avoid foods like noodles, sugary syrup, and other fatty food.
  • Increase your fiber intake: Having fiber based food for breakfast and lunch will have a reduced risk of diabetes. Prefer oats, dry fruits, and brown rice instead of the regular ones. Consumption of nuts, legumes, and whole grains prove its worth in controlling diabetes.
  • Drink water to stay hydrated: Reduced water will lead to dilation of blood vessels thereby increasing blood sugar. That’s why you must drink lots of water when the temperature is quite high, and the environment becomes dry.
  • Implement a control on portions: You must eat according to journals. Maintain a food journal and know how much of food you must eat and in what proportions. Most of your permissible calories must come from protein and vitamin instead of carbohydrates. Calorie control as maintaining portions are essential. Try eating out slowly. It will lead to better digestion.
  • Choosing foods with low glycemic index will keep you healthy: Glycemic index is the measure to calculate your body’s response to carbohydrate based diet. Foods with low glycemic index are – seafood, meat, eggs, corn, yams, most fruits and nonstarchy vegetable.
  • Control on your stress levels: There could be a lot of stress arising from the workplace or might be relationships. But try to maintain a calm mind. Practice meditation, try out some jokes, crack jokes and try remaining in a light mood. Try not to panic in trivial matters.
  • Monitor your blood sugar level: Know from your doctor what is the ideal level of blood sugar and then try maintaining a chart. Always try to relate that to your everyday life.
  • Get enough sleep: Having enough of rest will regulate your blood sugar as it controls the stress level. Sleep deprivation increases the cortical level in the blood thereby shooting up the blood sugar level.
  • Get eating fruits: Fruits like apples and other citrus fruits contain antioxidants. They will have a severe effect on your blood sugar level.
  • Try to eat foods rich in chromium and magnesium: chromium is involved in fat metabolism. Foods those are rich in chromium are- egg yolk, whole grain, nuts, green beans, broccoli, and meat. Magnesium rich foods are – fish, dark leafy greens, dark chocolate, avocado, and bananas.
  • Trying apple cider vinegar: Trying apple cider vinegar always improves your body’s tendency towards insulin. Mix water with apple cider vinegar and drink every morning or before bedtime so that your body stimulates insulin and functions against diabetes.
  • Try cinnamon extract: Studies show that cinnamon can also reduce blood sugar by stimulating insulin. Taking cinnamon powder in stipulated level is always beneficial for your health.
  • Eating barbering herbs: It is a Chinese herb that reduces blood sugar by acting on carbohydrates.
  • Eating fenugreek seeds: It helps in reducing fasting glucose and improves glucose tolerance. It’s considered as the safest herb for diabetes.
  • Lose some weight: Losing some weight and getting reduced from the waistline will help a lot in maintaining blood sugar level.
  • Try practicing yoga:  Practicing some positions in yoga will enhance the internal body functions and stimulate the secretion of pancreatic juice and bile juice. It’s is beneficial for your health and reduces blood sugar level.

What should I avoid if I have high blood sugar? 

Avoiding certain foods will be beneficial in case you have increased the level of sugar in blood like- potato chips, soda, burger, mayonnaise, fat based food, sausages, alcohol, and smoking. A sedentary lifestyle has proved detrimental for blood sugar level.  Irregular intake of diabetes medicines has always proved fatal to health. Unhealthy and erratic timings of meals are the factors responsible for a deteriorating health. Unnecessary tension and stress bring in high blood sugar.

What could be the worst effects of high blood sugar?

If the condition of high blood sugar continues, then it might lead to – blindness, degeneration of external organs, damage to kidney and blocking of a bile duct. It will lead to a slow and painful death.

It’s a proven fact that consumption of all these will undoubtedly alter the blood sugar level. But, medication is the most vital part. Being in touch with the doctor and taking medicines on time has proved its worth in maintaining blood sugar level.

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