What is Diabetes Mellitus? Types of Diabetes & their Treatments

Diabetes, often regarded as the chronic lifelong bodily condition isn’t something to be taken off lightly. According to WHO report over 422 million people are living with diabetes across the world and the number is increasing day by day.

Diabetes? – Generally, diabetes causes the body to lose its ability to convert the glucose in the blood into energy. In a simple meaning when we eat, our body system turns food into glucose and pancreas release the insulin to use the glucose for energy but with diabetes this system does not work. A part of the metabolic disease, diabetes marks high blood sugar levels in the person and is dangerous if not cared upon.

Join in as we discuss the different types of diabetes and more on them.

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Types of Diabetes

On a generic note, there are three major types of diabetes around with a few other minor types as designated by the medical science. However, in spite of differences in the types, the prime culprit for diabetes is the low production of the insulin in the pancreas of the body and the lesser response to the insulin levels in the cells of the blood.

We’d look deep into the different types of diabetes down below and seek insights on them. Read along.

1) Type 1 Diabetes

The first type of diabetes is Type 1, also known by as the insulin-dependent one. This one starts often from the childhood days and is hence known as juvenile-onset diabetes. It occurs as a result of pancreas failure. It’s often caused due to genetic predisposition whereby the pancreas fails to produce enough of the insulin required for the body.

type 1 diabetes

The Type 1 of diabetes comes with medical risks foresee damage of tiny blood vessels in the eyes also known as diabetic retinopathy or the nerves or even the kidney region. The disease may further lead to heart-related issues like stroke and more in the future if not cared for. We’ll seek the treatment issues for Type 1 diabetes in depth down below in a while.

2) Type 2 Diabetes

The most common of diabetes occurring around, this one starts off with insulin resistance in the body. The condition regarding the Type 2 of diabetes is that the blood cells fail in their response to the insulin and causes the disease to soar up.

type 2 diabetes

Generally, around 95% of diabetes across the adult genre is of Type 2. It’s also known as adult-onset diabetes and is common among the obese and overweight people around. The Type 2 diabetes is often milder than the previous Type 1 but still causes complications. The associated risks of the Type 2 disease are heart disease and malnourish in the kidneys, eyes, and nerves.

Type 2 diabetes differs from the Type 1 in a sense, that the pancreas still produces insulin for the body in Type 2 one. But the produced insulin isn’t enough for the body and thus requires insulin dosage. The guidance and treatment for the Type 2 diabetes will be dealt with in brief down below.

3) Gestational diabetes

The third major type of diabetes around, this one is seen primarily in the pregnant women who contract the disease without even having blood-sugar levels. As of the norm, pregnancy stage leads to resistance in insulin levels and thus is circulated to the baby via the placenta.

Gestational diabetes

It occurs in around 2% to 10% pregnancy cases and is seen in the middle or late pregnancy stage. Although this type of diabetes resolves itself but that does put the mother at a risk to contract the Type 2 diabetes later in the life. The unborn child might have an abnormal weight, breathing problems or more if gestational diabetes occurs during the pregnancy.

4) Other Types of Diabetes

Apart from the aforementioned ones, diabetes also has its rare types which account for around 1% to 5% of overall diabetes across the globe. These types of diabetes result in specific conditions like surgeries, medications, or pancreases disorder or even infections.

Treatment for Different Types of Diabetes

We’ll look through the treatment procedures and medications for the different types of diseases down below. Go on.

1) Type 1 Diabetes

The first type of diabetes, i.e. Type 1 revolves around improving the insulin level in the body. It requires regular intake of insulin via syringes and more. The insulin is injected through the skin into the fatty tissue layer on the body.

Many patients averse to syringes often resort to insulin pens or insulin pumps or even jet injectors to improve the insulin level in the body.

Apart from the treatments, a periodic visit and regular tests help reveal the progress made on diabetes. Normally the A1C blood test proves beneficial in estimating the glucose levels in the body. Have a frequent test of your blood sugar levels and plan your meals. Include daily exercise so as to improve your body’s fitness regime. That shall help regulate your body’s insulin.

2) Type 2 Diabetes

The Type 2 diabetes doesn’t have any cure but can be managed better and controlled on. All you need to do is fit in exercise and nutrition into your daily life. And keep a check on body weight of yours as that can hamper your progress.

The A1C test works well for this type too as that reveals the glucose levels in the body and offers insightful ratings for it. Keep your body off the fatty and oily foods and sugar at all cost and fill yourself with fruits and vegetables. Also keep in mind to eat something every 2-3 hours to regulate the blood’s glucose and insulin levels.

3) Gestational Diabetes

As this one is normally seen in the pregnancy cases, a proper care should be taken during the pregnancy stage to control it. Don’t indulge in excess calorie intake and fat-laden foods. A carefully planned meal works along way to keeping the body in check.

Check back on your weight and keep your body fit with daily exercise. And if the body shows the change in blood sugar levels, then do take insulin as a measure against it.

4) Other Types of Diabetes

As the other types of diabetes are often rare cases, there’s not much different treatment procedure for it. All one can do is fit their regular treatment plan for the same and see whether that results in better control. However, we advise you to seek the guidance of doctor or medical personal for best results.

Which diabetes is worse Type1 or Type 2 or Gestational?

To simply state the facts, neither of aforementioned ones seem to be easy to handle or difficult as it seems. All types of diabetes have something in common with the insulin levels and more. However, there’s something that differentiates them.

The Type 1 diabetes requires insulin intake to live up and battle diabetes all along. This type of diabetes occurs around 20’s and 30’s of age and gets diagnosed quickly upon. While the Type 2 diabetes can be diagnosed late as no symptoms come on the surface for years. Type 2 often results in the high amount of insulin regulation to control it. As for the gestational type of diabetes, it occurs only in 2% to 10% of pregnancy cases and isn’t as dangerous as the other two types when it comes to complications.

It’s often difficult diversifying what’s the worst between them, but as things stand, both are worse in their own terms. One requires regular insulin intake while other requires proper medication and fitness regime to help around.

The Positive Side of the Things

The borderline is that diabetes is not something to be taken lightly off and needs proper healthy lifestyle to control it. It’s not as if you could skip healthy regime and seek control on diabetes. But not everything is all dull and gloomy. Rather than looking more on the negative side of the things, it’s better if we try to fit in positive living. That’s something which shall prove beneficial.

Well, that’s all from us. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this one. Do send in your views down below and let us know about it.

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