How Turmeric Can Help to Manage Diabetes? Know Its Benefits

Be it health, career or life, excess of anything is not good. To combat the excess, requires balancing it with something that is relative opposite to it. Plus with minus, fire with water and likewise. Similarly, to keep the blood sugar levels of the body in moderation, spices play a balancing role. Spices, especially turmeric has been proven to be highly effective in controlling diabetes. Diabetes, if it is little known to you, here’s a brief about it.

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What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes fundamentally is a dance, a rise and fall of blood sugar levels in the body. To put it the other way, it is a condition in which either enough insulin isn’t produced in the body or the insulin produced isn’t utilised properly. To produce and utilize the insulin is the task of a gland called pancreas. So, when pancreas becomes lazy, the body suffers from accumulation of high blood sugar and in other words, diabetes.

Though diabetes is considered an irreversible disease, it can surely be kept under control. And one way to control it is by taking turmeric on regular basis. See how turmeric can be beneficial for diabetic persons.

Benefits of Turmeric and How Turmeric Cures Diabetes

Turmeric Can Control or Manage Diabetes

On Basant Panchami as sweet saffron rice, on dietary mornings as golden milk or in wedding dinners as shahi paneer, turmeric has been an inseparable part of our kitchen for ages. Not just in edibles, the spice herb is of value in religious ceremonies and in medicinal therapies too. Born from the ancestry of ginger family, the herb finds its place in the highest Siddha or Ayurveda traditions of medicine. The primary reason to this is the two powerful compounds found in turmeric. One is the yellow pigment called polyphenol curcumin and other is volatile oil consisting of medicinal properties.

To elaborate it furthermore, read below the list of reasons how it acts as a combat agent for diabetes.

1. Fights off Inflammation

By destroying Pitta bio-element…

Due to infiltration of immune cells into insulin producing cells in the pancreas, it leads to production of inflammatory cytokines like IL-6 and TNF-alpha. These compounds can cause cell death, obesity and ultimately diabetes. Turmeric with its anti-inflammation properties suppresses the production of these cytokines.

2. Reverses Pre-Diabetic Signs

By destroying Kapha bio-element…

While Type-1 Diabetes can only be controlled, Type-2 can be cured when caught in initial stages. Curcumin extract in turmeric is said to protect the insulin-releasing pancreatic pathway, thus regulating the secretion of insulin.

3. Combats Insulin Resistance

By destroying Vata bio-element…

Though the previous two points best demonstrates how turmeric combats insulin resistance. With its anti-inflammatory and pancreatic protection properties, curcuminoids automatically pushes down the levels of insulin resistance.

4. Controls Weight & Cholesterol

By extracting free carbs and lipo…

Obesity is perhaps the major underlying cause that provokes diabetes. Haldi, or turmeric combs through the entire body and cuts through the excess fat stored. The lipolytic elements present in the spice shun away the accumulated fat, bad cholesterol and triglycerides. This helps significantly in weight reduction and relief from high blood glucose.

5. Regulates Metabolism

By action of anti-oxidants…

At times, due to excess production of glucose-containing endothelial cells, the linings of blood vessels get choked by these cells. This further increases the production of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) that can interfere with insulin production.

Insulin is basically the metabolic fire that burns away glucose into energy. When its production is inhibited, metabolic levels also fall down resulting in weight gain and heart diseases. However, curcumin a powerful anti-oxidant in turmeric counteracts the ROS or free radicals and replenishes the vessels to enable proper insulin production.

To End With

As observed above, see how this deep golden-yellow powder sitting in the spice boxes of your kitchen, miraculously combats an almost-incurable disease diabetes. So, the next time you are putting a pinch of turmeric in your rice or curry, say a silent thank you! Stay fit!

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