Useful Travel Tips for Parents of Children with Diabetes

Travelling is really fun and it can be equally enthralling and rejuvenating for the children. You must not be sad or feel otherwise if your children are diabetic. Nothing changes, but yes, you must have to do some additional things that others don’t. As responsible parents, you must realize and understand the danger of emergency and sudden things in diabetes. Thus before you go on your vacation, just prepare a checklist to ensure that all the precautions have been taken.

Here are the checklists that you must follow and enjoy your vacation with your children.

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Have you taken the Medicine?

Well, this is the most important thing for you to carry. This is as important as carrying your identity document. So, make it a top priority. Segregate and put the medicine in a separate pouch or bag. If possible, then it is always better to label the medicine as well. You may or may not be along with the kid, in case, you are not there, these labels can help. A separate pouch can also help you to get easy and faster security clearance at the airports.

Checklist while Vacationing if your child is Diabetic

What about the supplies?

When you go for a vacation, you basically go with some uncertainties. Practically, no one has got any idea about the place in detail. Yes, Google may help you to some extent but it may not predict everything. In such cases, the supplies for diabetes are very important for your children. It does not matter whether it is Hypoglycemia or Hyperglycemia, supplies should be present. Small candies, juices, tablets, supplements, food and other supplies that can control the glucose level in the blood should be carried. The snacks and food that are helpful to contain the glucose level of the blood be carried. So, in case, there is an issue, you must have enough food. It is better to carry supplies that provide energy and fill the stomach for a longer time for emergency conditions.

Did you just segregate your supplies and medicine into two parts?

You must be wondering what it is. This is very simple and easy technique to ensure that your kid is always safe. You must put some supplies and medicines with labels in your kid’s bag. This would provide him with sufficient resources, in case you are not around. It may not be a huge proportion, but you must make sure that you have these things in your kid’s bag. It is also important to teach your kid about all these things if of course not a toddler.

Don’t forget your emergency contact diary?

Yes, of course, in this modern era, everyone has smartphone and tabs. However, that may not be very helpful every time. You should make sure that you have some very emergency numbers handwritten. If you are visiting outside the country, then the number of the embassy must be put on that list. Your immediate emergency contacts should also be there.

Do you have enough water?

This may not be applicable for the long vacation, but a family excursion or similar has a huge importance of it. It is very important to take some extra amount of water with you so that there is enough water and fluid in case of emergency.

Have you collected your Doctor’s Certificate?

This can be vital in many cases. Thus, you need to make sure that you have got the certificate from the doctor on the diabetes of your children. Few of the important things must be mentioned there so that it becomes easy for you for security and other checks.

If your kid is diabetic, then there is nothing wrong in it. Vacations are meant for enjoyment and should be enjoyed. However, these small checklists would ensure that there is no restriction to these happy moments.

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