Timely Meals Keep The Diabetes at Bay

As many as 500 doctors attended a meeting that was conducted at the state chapter of the Research Society for the study of diabetes and these experts voiced their opinions about the possible causes and solutions for managing diabetes in an effective manner.

To begin with, while one of the doctors was found to establish a link between diabetes and inappropriate timing or skipping of meals, there were others who spoke of the relationship between diabetes and foot ulcers as well as the importance of exercise in a diabetic person. One doctor by the name of Dr. Supriyo Mukherjee pointed out that when you do not eat your meals on time or skip a particular meal, your normal body clock is adversely affected. This, in turn, increases your chances of getting the disease.


Doctors also spoke of the importance of taking immediate action when you are a diabetic person and you develop some or the other type of infection around your foot. If no action is taken on an immediate basis, the patient might develop a foot ulcer and there could be a possibility that he or she might have to get the limb or even the foot amputated due to diabetes.

Speaking of a few ways of avoiding and staying away from diabetes, a doctor from Jamshedpur advised adults to adopt a healthy routine of physical activity. Exercise and some kind of physical activity are of prime importance to keep the disease at bay. Doctor Samit Ghoshal also pointed out the fact that maintaining healthy levels of insulin is of prime importance for all the individuals. While on the one hand, if the body is too sensitive to insulin, there might be problems in the heart, on the other, if the individual is resistant to insulin to a great extent, he or she might develop the condition of diabetes.

Finally, in the two days meeting held in the Bihar capital of Patna, the expert doctors spoke about some of the treatments that are new and can be really helpful in treating diabetes. As per doctor Santosh Kumar Singh, the most relevant and important treatment for diabetes is Pharmacogenomics which is the study of how the genes in an individual respond to a drug. This study helps in identifying which medicine will benefit or adversely affect which gene of the patient, amongst other things. It is an important topic and research is in progress around the same.

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