What Spices Are Good for Diabetics?

A condition in the body caused by the excess of sugar in the blood is called diabetes.  There are four types of diabetestype1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, and pre-diabetes. When the immune system in the body is destroyed, the cells of the pancreas called islets of Langerhans which produces insulin also get destroyed. This is the reason why diabetes results in human.

The other reasons underlying diabetes can be stress, chemical toxin within the food, underlying genetic disposition, and many others.

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What could be the remedies for diabetes?

The first and foremost quick remedy for diabetes is taking medicines. Taking regular dosage of insulin for those affected by the high level of diabetes is a must. Regular exercise of calories burning could be another natural way of controlling diabetes.

But you must know some natural ways to curb down diabetes. These are some spices which are available in your surroundings, and you can consume them on a regular basis.

What are the spices that can curb down diabetes?


Some herbs can be used in regular cooking, which has anti-inflammatory properties and curbs down the sugar level. Let’s have a look at those precious yet commonly found spices.

Basil: Basil could be used in regular cooking especially topped over soups. These remind of Italian seasonings. A combination of basil with other herbs like- turmeric, rosemary, and oregano are the forerunners which lower the blood sugar.

Blueberry: Blueberry or bilberry found in European countries is found to lower blood sugar.  They carry anthocyanins, an oxidant that helps to fight diabetes, strengthen your heart, and control the blood fats and other diseases. It’s a proven fact that bilberries control inflammation markers.

Chamomile tea: After a day’s toil, there is nothing more soothing than a cup of chamomile tea.  It prevents the diabetic compilation of the body by controlling sugar level of blood.

Cinnamon: It’s an observed fact that cinnamon reduces blood sugar level. It imitates the effect of insulin, thereby controlling the level of sugar in the blood. You can spread cinnamon over bread, but that will urge to reduce the sound effects of the spice. It’s better to have it inside lentils, mutton, chicken and other curries.

Cumin: cumin seeds are quite useful in lowering weight, cholesterol and also diabetes. They contain advanced Glycation end products (AGES) thereby damaging the diabetes level. Moreover, a spoonful of cumin seeds could be taken with lukewarm water, lemon juice, and honey to get rid of unnecessary fat and other abnormalities.

Dandelion: It’s a beautiful weed which is grown around in your gardens. Consumption of this will remove the fatty substance from your body, increase the urinary flow and support cleansing action. The loss of weight is beneficial for people who are fighting diabetes.

Dill: It’s a herb found in the Middle East and Russia. It can be used with mushrooms, eggs, and fish. This is used to increase the production of milk in lactating women. It has 70 chemicals and helps to fight diabetes.

Fennel: Fennel contains Anethole, one of the photochemical which help to fight diabetes. India has a culture of serving fennel seeds after every meal. The lingering flavor of anise remains in the mouth for a longer time. It said to block the inflammatory agent thereby fighting cancer. It acts as a cough suppressant alongside acting as a diabetes reducing agent and other gastrointestinal ailments.

Garlic: Garlic is used on a large scale in the Mediterranean cuisines. Garlic along with olive is served with every meat dish. The reason being garlic reduces cholesterol component in the blood. Garlic acts an anti-inflammatory agent that works upon cytokines thereby decreasing the level of diabetes.

Ginger: Ginger is an excellent spice which is said to have some sound effects on the immunity system.  A small portion of grated ginger when consumed with any beverage is supposed to reduce calories by 43. Consumption of ginger reduces several abnormalities if the body namely cholesterol content and also diabetes.

Stevia: Stevia is used as a substitute for sugar. While it could be cultivated commercially as well as in your garden, a leaf is very useful and goes a long way. Although it does not control your sweet tooth, yet it reduces the postprandial blood sugar.

Sage: Sage contains polyphenol which is used to control blood sugar level. It works in stews and tea, which gives a smoothening effect. It battles against Alzheimer’s disease, viral and also bacterial infections. Sage along with honey is said to combine powers to fight any disease and used as the anti-germ powder.

Turmeric: This is widely used in all Indian cuisines. Turmeric possesses many properties including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging, neuroprotective, heart protective, weight reducing, anti-cancer and many more. The intake of turmeric reduces diabetes namely type 2 diabetes.

Hence, it’s recommended to take the natural ingredients on a regular basis and get rid of diabetes since natural ingredients are way more efficient and have long-lasting remedial effects compared to medicines.

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