How Soup and Shake Diet can Beat Type 2 Diabetes in Just Weeks

Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which the pancreas, which are responsible for the production of insulin fails to produce enough insulin. It also occurs in individuals if the insulin produced by the body pancreas are not utilized in an effective manner by the body.

While there are several ways of preventing the condition by making a number of lifestyle changes, recent research suggests that soup and shake diet can help to beat type 2 diabetes to a great extent. The diet mainly helps to achieve weight loss. Obesity, as you know, is one of the major causes of type 2 diabetes.

Soup and Shake Diet can Beat Type 2 Diabetes

The diet mainly comprises of three different stages and is mainly meant for a period of 12-16 weeks. In this soup and shake diet, participants mainly take in around 830 calories in a day. The diet as mentioned above, is rich in fat, protein, as well as a lot of carbohydrates. The introduction of this diet will go a long way in helping to cure the condition and also reduce the costs which an individual is known to spend on the treatment of the condition. The diet based treatment will cost a patient around 1,067 pounds during the first year. This cost is expected to reduce to a great extent in the ensuing years, if experts are to be believed.

Speaking about Britain, the growing number of cases for type 2 diabetes is really high and the number of patients getting admitted to the hospital increases every year. In fact, during the last year, as many as 617,000 people were hospitalized due to type 2 diabetes caused by obesity. It is said that the snacks containing sugar is one of the most prominent reasons for this alarming figure. Hence, in one of its move the government has increased the tax amount of such snack items.

Although a type 2 diabetes patient cannot get treated quickly, this could be one of the few steps taken in the right direction.

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