Can Diabetics Drink Orange Juice?

One cup of orange juice contains 140% of vitamin C you can consume for daily use, along with 10% of DV for folate and 20% of DV for thiamine.

But, diabetics should be careful when drinking orange juice as it can cause spike in blood sugar.  So, you need to drink in moderation.

Glycemic Index

Glycemic index is a measuring index to determine the effect of blood sugar due to foods high in carbohydrates. Higher glycemic index means higher blood sugar levels by consuming food. On scale of 100, orange juice has GI rating from 66 to 76, according to the type of juice. There are different factors affecting the GI of orange juice, such as freshness of food in juicing, whether it is made of concentrate or organic, and whether it contains pulp.

Use during Low Blood Sugar

Orange juice is much recommended for carbohydrate to treat hypoglycemia or low blood sugar in diabetes. It can easily improve the levels of your blood sugar. Drink at least 4 oz. of orange juice and check blood sugar levels again after 10 to 15 minutes and repeat the process if you still have low blood sugar level.

How much is too much?

You still need to eat two servings of fruit every day, at least, despite having diabetes. Despite having carbohydrates which can cause spike in your blood sugar level, fruits are very healthy and can be low in fat and calories. They also have vital nutrients, such as vitamins A and C, folate and dietary fiber.


The effect on blood sugar level varies according to the food you eat with orange juice. So, always consume juices, fruits and other items that are high on GI and with meals rather than eating them alone. Combine foods that are high in carbohydrates with food items that are rich in fat, protein, or fiber that can slow the absorption of carbohydrates and control the overall effect of your meal on your blood sugar.

Can I Drink Orange Juice with Diabetes?

Orange Juice

Usually, orange juice is very healthy and safe to drink.  In fact you should drink when you wake up every morning as it is very rich in vitamin C and it can easily improve the immunity. If you have problems in controlling blood sugar levels or if you are diabetic, you need to drink orange juice in moderation. It can cause steep rise in blood sugar levels and you won’t want it if you are diabetic.

Why You Should Drink Orange Juice Every Day? 

Immunity Booster

Orange juice is very rich in vitamin C or ascorbic acid. One glass contains up to 200% of vitamin C. It helps as collagen booster to repair cells in the body. Vitamin C also serves as an antioxidant in your body to boost immune system.

Help in Inflammation

Due to inflammation on different body parts, body cells start resisting to insulin. It causes atherosclerosis and type 2 Diabetes. On the other side, orange juice is a citric food and has been consumed as anti-inflammatory agent over the years. According to a research, orange juice reduces insulin resistance of the cells and also the risk of type 2 diabetes. It also reduces the risk of suffering heart attack by reducing inflammation.

Regulates Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, all types of cholesterols are not harmful. According to the studies, orange juice can lower bad cholesterol levels and also boost good cholesterol levels at the same time.  Though no solid proof is there to support this fact but it is true that the chances are very low to suffer atherosclerosis, stroke, and heart attack in life by taking orange juice.

Improved Blood Circulation

Orange juice is widely known for having vitamin C. But only a few people know that orange juice help in blood circulation. It also has folate, a type of vitamin B9. It is vital for creating DNA and it promotes growth of new cells. A lot of cells die on mutation. But folate in your body protects mutating cells and also helps create red blood cells. It ensures smooth and proper flow of oxygenated blood with more blood cells in the body.

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