Mango Leaves For Diabetes: Does it Help?

Diabetes is a complicated disease giving rise to a host of complications in a patient’s body. Hence, treatment of diabetes is extremely important. There are medical as well as non-medical ways of managing the condition. We have various natural herbs and supplements which can cure diabetes. In this article, we shall explore the benefits of using mango leaves in treating diabetes.

Let us delve deep and analyze the relationship between mango leaves and diabetes. So, join in for the article “Mango Leaves and Diabetes: Does it Help?”

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Benefits of Mango Leaves for Diabetes

Mango Leaves and Diabetes

The consumption of Mango leaves in various forms is considered one of the most important natural ways of effectively treating both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Listed below are some of the benefits:

  • The leaves are said to contain a good amount of tannins or anthocyanidins. This help in the treatment of diabetes.
  • The tannins present in the leaves also help in stabilizing the level of insulin in the body by stimulating the production of the hormone.
  • A diabetes patient should include mango leaves regularly in his or her diet because the leaves help to stabilize the blood glucose and sugar levels.
  • Mango leaves go a long way in treating the restricted and damaged blood vessels thereby enabling the smooth flow of blood.
  • Besides, the presence of the compounds 3 beta-taraxenol and ethyl acetate help in the smooth synthesis of glycogen which is supposed to be very good for diabetes and its related complications.
  • If you have high cholesterol, diabetes management becomes a real problem as it adds to the several complications faced. Mango leaves can help manage the levels of cholesterol due to the presence of vitamin c, pectin, and other compounds.
  • Rising blood pressure is also one of the problems faced by people who suffer from diabetes. Mango leaves help in reducing the same and maintaining a balanced level of blood pressure.
  • The presence of vitamin A in the mango leaves go a long way in supporting and maintaining the good health of your eyes. This is important because diabetes and its complications can give rise to adverse effects on your eye health.
  • Finally, it is a known fact that the regular consumption of mango leaves in the diet helps to reduce certain diabetes related symptoms including unexpected and sudden loss of weight, frequent urination particularly at night, and blurry vision, amongst a host of other things.

List of Compounds Which Make Mango Leaves Beneficial for Diabetes Treatment

Following is the list of compounds which make mango leaves so beneficial in the treatment of diabetes and its related complications:

  • Gallic acid which helps to reduce complications of the heart.
  • Flavonoids which help in preventing type 1 diabetes and phenols.
  • Ethyl acetate
  • Caffeic acid as it helps to reduce blood glucose levels.
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B
  • Mangaferin

How to Use Mango Leaves for the Effective Management of Diabetes?

Mango leaves can be used in a number of ways in order to manage diabetes efficiently.

  • The most efficient way of using these leaves is to soak around 20 to 25 leaves in water and let it stay overnight. After that, you have to filter the water the next morning and drink the same on an empty stomach. Following this regularly will help you reduce blood sugar levels to a great extent. You can see the results within two to three months.
  • You can also use dried leaves, ground them, and then have around one-half of the same a couple of times in a day just before your meals.

Thus, mango leaves can be extremely helpful in the treatment of diabetes. Having said that, it is important to remember that diabetes affects different individuals in a different way and as such, before making these leaves a part of your daily diet, it is advisable to consult your medical practitioner. What is beneficial for others may not be equally beneficial for you. Also, you should be careful with regards to the quantity that you are taking in every day. Otherwise, as regards the general opinion, mango leaves are safe for diabetes and with some precautions, can play a huge role in the treatment of the condition!

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