20 Amazing Low Glycemic Index Foods for Diabetes

Glycemic index is a ranking that is often given to food items on the basis of how quickly are the foods digested once you eat them. When you are a diabetic, you would prefer food that digests really slowly as that will help you maintain stable blood glucose levels. A Glycemic index of 55 or lower is considered low, while that between 56 to 69 is moderate.

The following is a list of food items that have low glycemic index and are hence recommended for the diabetes patients:

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1. Tomatoes

The Glycemic index of this vegetable is really low. Besides, tomatoes go a long way in helping to improve the levels of blood pressure and as a result, it reduces instances of heart-related conditions for those who are diabetic.

2. Skim Milk

The diabetes patients are often reluctant to drink milk or other dietary products. However, one thing that will not do any harm to the patients is the skim milk which will not only provide you with the essential vitamin D but shall help you manage the condition effectively owing to a low Glycemic index score.

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3. Grapes

Rich in vitamin B-6 and dietary fiber, grapes is another fruit that can be chosen by the diabetes patients.

4. Plums

With a Glycemic index of 40, plums are very good for all the diabetes patients. Fresh plums are however difficult to get in the market and so people often prefer the dried varieties. Hence, while eating dried plums you should really be careful about the quantity that you eat.

5. Stone-Ground Whole Wheat Bread

This variety of whole wheat bread is actually good for all the diabetes patients because of the low glycemic index. However, other varieties of whole wheat bread fall under the category of medium Glycemic index score. Whole wheat bread is also a great source of fiber, antioxidants, etc. considered great for the diabetes patients

6. Grape fruit

With a low Glycemic index of just 25, grapefruit is considered to be a great go-to fruit for all those who suffer from diabetes. Not only that, the fruit is rich in vitamin C and is often recommended for all the diabetes patients.

7. Sweet Potato

While potato can be high in carbohydrates, sweet potatoes are the ones which will provide several health benefits to the diabetes patients. It is also considered to be in the much-needed vitamins and minerals. When had within the recommended quantity, sweet potatoes can help you lose weight as well.

8. Chickpeas

As we know, beans and other legumes are highly recommended for the diabetes patients owing to low glycemic index. Another one on the list is chickpeas.

9. Non-Starchy Vegetables

All the non-starchy green vegetables, such as kale, etc. are not only a powerhouse of essential nutrients and vitamins, they are low on the glycemic index too ensuring that the level of blood glucose in the blood is stable. These are highly recommended for the diabetics.

10. Oatmeal

We have long heard the health benefits of oatmeal. You can have this in your breakfast while also adding certain nuts to make it better tasting and filling. Not only is the oatmeal rich in dietary fiber but it also has essential nutrients and a low Glycemic index.

11. Cherries

The Glycemic index of cherries is just about 20 and the score of glycemic load is 3, making it one of the best foods for diabetes. Cherries are also a rich source of potassium and several antioxidants. All this goes a long way in helping to manage diabetes in an efficient manner.

12. Pears

With a Glycemic index of 25, pears is next on the list. Apart from this, the fruit is a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamin c, as well as potassium. However, when we talk about this fruit, the different varieties will have a different glycemic index and the same needs to be considered as well. For example, while dried pears have a Glycemic index of 43, the raw ones have a Glycemic index of around 33. Anything below 55 is good for a person suffering from diabetes.

13. Apple

Apple is another super food that should be included in the diet of a diabetes patient. Not only does the fruit have a Glycemic index of 39 but also it is a rich source of dietary fiber which is helpful in diabetes.

14. Black Beans

Another important food item that is highly recommended for the diabetes patient is the black beans. Not only are they rich in essential minerals such as magnesium and potassium but they have a low Glycemic index score of 30.

15. Dried Apricots

When you eat in moderate quantity, dried apricots can be a great superfood for all the diabetes patients. The Glycemic index of the fruit is 32 and the score of the glycemic load is 9. This, along with the presence of copper, vitamin A, and vitamin E, make apricots a must inclusion in the diet of diabetes patients.

16. Oranges

This fruit is not only rich in vitamin C and fiber but also has a low Glycemic index of 40. This goes a long way in making oranges one of the favorite fruits for all the diabetes patients.

17. Strawberries

Not many people know that even strawberries can be eaten guilt-free by the diabetes patients. Thanks to their low glycemic index of 41. Another important fact about the fruit is that it is a rich source of vitamin c which is highly recommended for the diabetes patients.

18. Peas

The green peas have much to offer than you thought. It is recommended for the diabetes patients owing to the health benefits that it has to offer.

19. Nuts

Nuts have always been recommended to the diabetic patients because of the presence of fiber which helps you feel full for long periods of time. Also, nuts such as cashews, etc. have a low score of Glycemic index apart from being rich in essential vitamins and nutrients required for effective diabetes management.

20. Low-fat Yogurt

Yogurt is not only a source of good bacteria that is considered essential for the gut, the low-fat variety of yogurt is also low in Glycemic index which makes it one of the most recommended foods for a diabetic patient.

Thus, the above are the low glycemic index foods. Having said that, you need to be careful of the quantity you take in and should always take an expert advice on whether or not to include these in your daily diet!

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