Is Rava Upma Good for Diabetics?

Food is an important consideration for people who suffer from a complication like diabetes. In today’s article, we shall take into consideration the effect of consuming Rava Upma in a patient who has diabetes.

Rava is nothing but a flour that comes from the durum wheat and is finer than the plain flour. In recent years, rava has gained a lot of popularity as a healthier version of the plain flour.

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Advantages of Rava Upma For Diabetics

Rava Upma

There are a few advantages that semolina flour or rava upma have for all those who suffer from diabetes.

-} The glycemic index, as you know by now is a ranking or point which is used to indicate how gradually or quickly does the blood glucose spike in the body after having the food. foods with low glycemic index digest slowly and as such, they do not cause a heavy spike in the level of blood glucose in the body. Rava falls under the food category that has low levels of the glycemic Hence, you can include recommended levels of rava or semolina in a diabetic diet.

-} When you make rava upma, you actually add important vegetables such as carrot, beans, etc. in the dish in most of the cases. These are the vegetables that are known to have high nutritional value and that is what makes rava upma all the more healthy.

-} Rava upma also goes a long way in helping you manage your weight in an effective manner. Weight management forms a very important part of managing diabetes effectively. If you are overweight, the complications that arise due to diabetes only tend to increase. Hence, rava upma can be a great substitute for other breakfast items, particularly if you are looking towards losing or shedding some of those extra kilos from your body. This glycemic advantage of semolina also comes from the fact that being a low glycemic index food, semolina takes time to digest. When food is digested slowly, it ultimately helps you to feel full for a longer period of time. This, in turn, goes a long way in helping you lose weight.

-} Another important advantage of semolina or rava is the fact that is free from cholesterol. As we already know, when you are someone who has the problem of diabetes, you will definitely have to keep your cholesterol levels within the minimum required standards so that you can be free of various complications that diabetes and its mismanagement is known to bring about. Hence, rava or semolina can be a great food for those who are diabetic. It also helps in preventing various cardiovascular diseases that are a common phenomenon in patients who have diabetes.

-} Semolina is also a rich source of protein. Hence, the body’s requirement of protein can be met by including the semolina flour in your daily diet.

-} Another common complication that is often seen in almost all the diabetes patient is the problems faced by the kidney and its functions. Rava is rich in potassium. This may help to fulfill the body’s daily need for the compound. This, in turn, will enable the kidneys to function efficiently and you shall be able to control diabetes

-} The presence of various vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E, vitamin B, amongst others help a great deal in helping to develop a strong immunity system in your body. Diabetes, as we know, is an autoimmune disorder and when you are not able to manage the condition in an effective way, the immunity of your body is affected adversely. Rava upma can help you develop a strong immunity system

Risks and Considerations

Having spoken about the advantages that rava or semolina upma might have on all those who suffer from diabetes, it is extremely important to note that there are certain considerations that you need to bear in mind while you try to accommodate rava upma in your diabetic diet:

  • You need to take the advice of your medical practitioner whether or not it is okay for you to eat rava upma.
  • You should also keep in mind the frequency within which you can eat the food item
  • Bear in mind to not go overboard with the food item and consume only as much as what is recommended by your doctor
  • There are several other factors that you need to bear in mind before including it in your diet. You simply should not go with the experience of the other diabetic patients around. A few factors that needs to kept in mind while understanding whether or not rava upma is good for you includes your current blood glucose levels, fluctuations in blood glucose owing to what you eat, levels of exercise that you do, amongst various others.

Thus, as is clear from the above article, rava upma can be a great substitute for the whole grain wheat of plain flour that is normally found in our households. However, medical advice, as always, is highly recommended.

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