Insulin Injection Sites: What is the Best Place to Inject Insulin?

Whether you are a type 1 or a type 2 diabetes patient, you will be required to take insulin at some or the other stage of the disease. Most of the patients prefer insulin injections or syringes to take insulin in the body. When you are injecting insulin, an important consideration is a site where the same should be inserted. The objective is to insert the hormone appropriately with the least possible amount of pain. This article lays down the guidelines which shall help you inject insulin at the best possible part of the body. So, come and join in for the article “Insulin Injection Sites: What is the Best Place to Inject Insulin?”

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Factors That Help in Deciding Where to Inject Insulin

There are a few factors that should be kept in mind while you inject insulin. It is important to inject the insulin injections in the right area so that you can avoid pain while taking these injections. Following are a few factors to be considered before taking insulin injections:

  • The most important factor is the presence of fatty tissue or those areas where there is a decent quantity of fat.
  • Accessibility of the area is another factor to be considered
  • The rate and speed in which the hormone insulin is absorbed in the body. According to the Joslin’s Diabetes Deskbook, the rate in which the hormone is absorbed is different in different areas. It is most quickly absorbed in the abdomen followed by the arms, thighs, and finally the buttocks.

Basis the above factors, the following are the guidelines as to which can be the best place to inject insulin.

Areas Where Insulin Can be Injected

Insulin Injection Sites

Keeping the above factors of insulin injection in mind, the injection can be inserted in any of the following areas of the body:


The most preferred site for insulin injection is the area around the abdomen. Keep a few inches away from the belly button. This area is favorable as insulin can be absorbed easily in this area. Do remember to avoid areas which have blemishes, scars, varicose veins, etc.


You can also apply the insulin injections between your shoulders and the elbow. This area is preferred due to the presence of fatty tissue at the back of your arm.


The thigh is another area where the insulin injections can be injected. The best area to inject in the thigh is around four inches above your knee. Remember to avoid putting the injection around your inner thigh area as there are a lot of blood vessels as well as nerves around the inner thigh.


You should remember to avoid the lower portion if you are planning to apply your injection in the buttocks region.


Inject in that area of the stomach which is at least a couple of inches away from your belly button. Also, keep away from any type of scars, marks, etc. while you are injecting insulin in and around your stomach.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using the Insulin Injections

Keep in mind the following when you are using insulin injections to manage your type 1 or type 2 diabetes effectively:

  • When you are into the regular use of insulin injections, remember to keep on changing the sites where youare injecting the insulin. This is important because by this it can be assured that the absorption of the hormone is consistent in the body
  • However, for the same type of meal, it shall be helpful if you are injecting the insulin injections around the same area. For example, after you have had your breakfast, you can inject short-term insulin around the belly area. Similarly, the long-term insulin can be injected around the legs or buttocks.
  • Having said the above, the best site for insulin injection for each type should be discussed with your medical expert.
  • It is also highly recommended that you keep on rotating sides when you are injecting your insulin injections on one particular site. To explain this further, if you are injecting the insulin on the right-hand side of the belly during breakfast, the next day you can inject the insulin injection on the left-hand side of the belly. This is important because, after each time of injecting, a few scars may be left in the particular area. By the time you inject on the same site again, the area will have healed completely allowing a better and smoother insulin absorption.

Tips to Inject Insulin Injections Appropriately

Keep the following in mind while you are injecting insulin:

  • You should use fresh needles after you have injected each time.
  • Make sure that the site where you are trying to inject the injection is relaxed and devoid of any scars, scratches, etc.
  • If you have applied something to soothe your skin before injecting the insulin injections, make sure to inject only after the skin is completely dry.
  • Do not use too cold insulins. Insulin injections should be used at only room temperatures.
  • In order to ensure that the area where you are using the insulin injection is clean and the process is quick enough to cause the least possible pain, pinch the site where you want to inject the insulin injection.
  • Thinner needles are considered to be the most effective ones
  • You can rub ice on the site where you have used the insulin injection. This is important to ease pain or a feeling of prickliness in and around the area.

We hope that the above post has been helpful in helping you understand about the insulin injection sites and the various factors to be kept in mind while choosing the best site. Whatever site you choose, do so after consulting your medical expert!

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