How to Lower & Control High Blood Sugar in the Morning?

There are various reasons which lead to a high blood glucose in the morning. The most common ones are the dawn phenomenon as well as the Somogyi effects. These two effects are explained in detail as part of another article. In this article, we shall analyze and try to understand the ways and means by which we can try to reduce the elevated levels of blood glucose in the morning. So, join in for the article “How to Lower and Control High Blood Sugar in the Morning?”

Following are a few easy ways in which you can control the high levels of blood glucose that you experience particularly during the morning time

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You Should Always Eat a Breakfast Which is High on Essential Nutrients

If the high blood glucose is caused due to dawn phenomena, then your blood sugar level will be really high between 2 A.M to 6 A.M. the body will be producing a lot of hormones such as glucagon, cortisol, amongst others. In order to fight them, a nutrient rich breakfast is a must have.

Some examples of a breakfast that is rich in nutrients can include oats, unsweetened milk, nut butter, etc.

High Blood Sugar

Eat a Protein or a Fat Snack

You can eat a protein snack just before going to bed the previous night or first thing in the morning before eating your breakfast. Since protein breaks down in the body slowly as compared to the other food items, the fasting time until morning is reduced to a great extent. The best options for you to have is a spoonful of apple cider vinegar along with a slice of cheese to go with it. Besides, you can also go for nuts as they are rich in fiber and also help in controlling some of the hormones that are released by the body when you are asleep.

Physical Exercise

Physical Activity

Physical activity early in the morning can go a long way in helping you manage some of the hormones that the body releases while sleeping as a result of the dawn phenomena and the Somogyi effect. Even if you can manage 10 minutes of exercise in the morning, you will be better off. The body shall be able to handle the extra glucose that it might have released during the night time in a better way. You can do the physical activity right after you have had your protein snack in the morning.

Lose Weight

Another important way of controlling high levels of blood glucose in the morning is to shed all those extra calories that you have got. Losing weight can help in controlling the release of some of the hormones while also increasing the sensitivity of the body towards the hormone insulin.

Modify Your Medication

As per the American Diabetes Association, there is a growing need to add, change, as well to modify the timings and type of medicines or drugs that you are taking in order to control insulin resistance and reduce high blood glucose. As the different type of diabetes progress, the need to revise the schedule of medicines and drugs also change accordingly. Having said that, a doctor’s advice is absolutely necessary in this case.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Diabetes and Alcohol

You should not drink alcohol just before going to bed in order to keep the blood glucose levels under stabilized levels. Alcohol should be avoided as it tends to cause dehydration due to which even if there is a small increase in the level of glucose that you are taking in, the effect of the same will be huge.

Increase the Consumption of Fiber-Rich Food in the Morning

Fiber, when had with oats and seeds in the morning for breakfast go a long way in helping you not only feel full for a longer period of time but also leads to the reduction of high blood glucose levels.

The timing of Insulin Intake


You might also need to make some changes in the schedule of taking insulin if you want to lower the level of blood glucose. For example, there can be a case where you might be taking the hormone at around evening time 6 P.M. So, the effect of the hormone diminishes by the time it is morning. You might, under the guidance of your doctor want to change the time to late in the night around 10 P.M so that it does not wear off easily.

Thus, as seen above, simple steps can help you reduce and control elevated levels of blood glucose.

We hope that the above article has been helpful in making you understand some of the easy ways of controlling high blood sugar levels in the morning. If done efficiently, these can go a long way in helping you control your blood glucose and in turn, different types of diabetes!

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