10 Tips to Live a Normal Life With Diabetes

If you have diabetes, then the main question that bothers you is can I live a normal life with diabetes. If you have such a question in mind, then you have reached the right place.

As you go through this article, you will be able to understand that yes, you can lead a life like a normal person.

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Certain basic rules that you must follow

There are certain basic rules which you should follow so that you can lead a normal life even though you are diabetic. The general rules to be followed are:

  • You should have control over your diabetes. You should never allow the range of blood sugar that you have cross a certain limit.
  • You should eat well but maintain the restrictions that you need to follow.
  • Do daily exercises.
  • Have information about better methods of treatment.
  • Be happy in your life and have fun.

Along with following these general rules, you must also follow the below tips to be able to have a normal and healthy life.


10 Tips To Lead a Normal Life Though Having Diabetes

1. Make a routine to visit your doctor


This is one of the tips that you must follow. You must make a habit to be with your doctor friend at regular intervals. These visits will help you to understand what is good for you and you will also not have to fight the disease alone. You should always seek medical advice even though the change may look small. If you are not following your regular diet due to certain conditions, you must visit your doctor to know the further course of action.

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2. Follow the diet recommended

Schedule Your Diet

You must follow the diet that is recommended by your doctor and should not try to have the diet of another person with diabetes. You must know that a diet of each and every diabetic is different so, make sure that you follow your diet. If you would love to have a special nature of food or drink then you must have prior permission from your doctor or dietitian before having it. There are certain drinks which have added sugar you must avoid those. You must make a habit to read the labels of packed foods before you have those so that you can avoid having things which may be dangerous for you.

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3. Know what is healthy to eat


It is good to know what is good for you. You must keep yourself aware of the changes regarding food nature so that you can make necessary changes to your diet. In this case, also it is best to follow the advice as given by your doctor.

4. Drinking enough water

drinking water

You must make sure that you drink at least 6 to 8 cups of fluids daily. It is not that you only need to drink plain water, you can also drink:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Unflavored drinks
  • Diet drink
  • Low-calorie drinks

You should limit your intake of milk due to the sugar already present in it. You can try almond milk if you have a wish. If you have a craving for having milk you must ask your doctor for advice.

There are certain drinks you should avoid, they are

  • Sports drink containing added sugar
  • Soda drinks which are sweetened
  • Tonic water
  • Fruit juice

5. Include treats in your diets

It is not that as you cannot have sugary cakes your days of having treats have ended. There are various books which will help you to know about treats which you can eat even though you have diabetics. Like you can include:

6. Do regular exercise

You must make a daily habit to do some exercise. You need to have medical advice as to the amount of exercise that you need to do daily. You can take advice from your doctor and follow the below-mentioned routine.

Physical Activity

Do moderate exercise after having meals.

You can also do some water assisted exercise if you are not able to walk due to joint pains or being overweight.

7. Never stop your medication


You must never try to stop the medications that you have without the permission of your doctor. If you visit a new doctor for other physical ailments then never miss informing that you have diabetes. It is required so that the doctor can choose the medication correctly and select those that do not have negative side effects with the medication that you usually have.

8. Keep a record that is updated

You must keep a constant and updated record of the level of blood sugar that you have. If you notice any change you must bring that to the notice of your doctor.

9. Check blood sugar regularly

diabetes glucose test

It is for sure that you monitor your blood sugar level at regular intervals.

10. Keep a lookout for other diabetic related problems

There are various ailments which may act as the cause of your having diabetes. You must have a look at those. If you see problems with your heart, eye, oral condition, nerve disorder, a complication with foot or skin or kidney you must immediately inform your doctor.

We think that the above article gave you the relevant information regarding how to live a healthy life even though you have diabetes.  It is also good to mention that you must consult your doctor friend before taking any steps. So, follow the above tips after consultation with your doctor.

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