Does Drinking Water Affect Your Blood Sugar Level?

Elevated or increased levels of blood glucose cause lot of harm to the body. It is the primary condition when you suffer from a chronic illness such as diabetes. It is very important to stabilize the levels of blood glucose in order to keep various complications of the body at bay. in this article, we shall find out the importance of drinking water for helping to achieve the stable levels of blood glucose. So, come and join us:

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Relationship Between Water and Diabetes

Well, there is a close relationship between water and diabetes. Water, as we know, is devoid of any types of calories or carbohydrates. Hence, it is considered to be one of the safest drinks for patients suffering from all types of diabetes. Water is also known to reduce the levels of blood glucose in the body. The following paragraphs explain the relationship between the chronic illness and water even further.

Drinking Water Can Lead to Decrease in the Levels of Blood Glucose:

drinking water

One of the studies conducted by experts proves that drinking more water regularly can lead to a reduction in developing high levels of blood glucose in the body by as much as 21 percent.

When the level of blood glucose is high due to conditions such as diabetes, the body of the patients require too many fluids in order to get rid of this excess blood glucose. The glucose is then excreted through the urine. Thus, water does not lead to increase in the levels of blood glucose as it is purely natural and does not contain any carbs or calories.

It is also believed that when you increase the amount of water that you intake daily, the very onset of hyperglycemia or high blood glucose levels is delayed, which also means that the occurrence of diabetes is also delayed in your body.

Water and Rehydration

People suffering from diabetes often have to suffer from the problem of dehydration. Hence, drinking water becomes all the more important as it helps to rehydrate the body in a better way. When your body is dehydrated, the vasopressin hormone in the body increases which also is a risk factor causing high blood glucose and subsequently diabetes and various other complications.

Can You Lose Weight by Drinking Water?

Drinking water can help a lot of patients to lose weight. There can be many reasons for the same.

Few people tend to feel full after drinking water. Thus, the diet is reduced automatically leading to losing weight. Therefore, you should drink water just before a meal so that the diet is automatically reduced. Besides, a study conducted by the International Journal of Obesity actually suggested that people who are overweight and tend to drink at least two cups of cold water regularly witnessed an increase in what is known as the “resting energy expenditure.” Thus, drinking water can, in fact, help you lose weight which is very important for managing diabetes and the level of blood glucose.

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Recommended Quantity of Water for Best Results

Now, experts suggest that over drinking of water can be bad too. Hence, the recommended quantity of water that you should drink for best results have to be known by you. As per the European Food Safety Authority, the total amount of water that you should drink each day should be:

1.6 liters or around eight glasses of water with each glass being of 200 ml. This is for the women.

For men, the recommended quantity of water is somewhere around 2 liters of 10 glasses of water with each glass carrying 200 ml of the fluid

Things You Should Know When You Are Including Water in Your Diet

Finally, there are a few things that you should be aware of when you are drinking the recommended quantity of water:

  • Remember that although water reduces the amount of blood glucose, it certainly does not imply that you can use the fluid as a replacement for your diabetes medicines and pills.
  • Water should also not be considered as a replacement for the hormone insulin
  • The above-mentioned recommended quantity of water does include other fluids such as tea as well. However, water is devoid of any carbs or calories is nevertheless considered as the safest option.

We hope that the above article has been helpful in making you understand the benefits of drinking water regularly. It is also important to know that water does lead to a reduction of your blood glucose levels and thereby helps you to control diabetes. However, you need to follow a few guidelines and also should act as per the guidance and supervision of your medical team.

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