Diabetes & Urinary Tract Infections: What You Need to Know About UTIs?

Ever felt the urgent need to pee? Well everyone has one of those days. But what if the urgent need to pee is followed by a burning sensation when you finally pee? And what if the pee turns out cloudy and foul-drenching smelly? Turns out, this one isn’t just one of those days. What it might indicate is Urinary Tract Infection, something in the ilk of urinary or bladder infection.

There’s quite a relation between the urinary tract infection and diabetes and we here would depict the same in today’s entry of ours.

Let’s start off with the UTI then, shall we?

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What’s Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

Generalized as the urinary tract infection, UTI affects kidneys, bladder, urethra and prostate as per the gender. However, most of the cases include the occurrence of UTI in the bladder region, where the urine is stored.

The root cause of UTI

The urinary tract system, the very system which is known to safeguard the body gets infected with the bacteria which results in the UTI. These bacteria originate mostly from bowel region. That severally affects the normal functioning of the urinary tract system.

Diabetes and Urinary Tract Infections

As for a little insight, here’s how Urinary Tract system functions normally. The urinary system is it ureters, carries the urine from the kidney to the bladder region. The ureters have a valve system that stops any urine from staying back in the kidney for long. The bladder then empties the content out via urination and keeps the body free of bacterial particles.

The relation between Diabetes and UTI

UTI is often seen as the second most common infection type in diabetes. UTI on its own is a common thing around but paired with diabetes, it has the mischievous nature to cause serious complications going forward.

Women, adherent to their anatomy are more likely, in fact around 10 times more likely to suffer from UTI during diabetes than their male counterpart. The studies and research show that people suffering from Diabetes are 60% more likely to suffer from UTI than the rest.

How Diabetes causes UTI?

We already know that UTI is a common theme for diabetic patients, but what actually results in UTI for them? Well to put in perspective, there are quite a few reasons for it.

Diabetic patients have a poor circulative system which affects the white blood cells, the ones that travel over the body and fight the infection. Also, high blood sugar and glucose levels also irk the risk for UTI. Furthermore, as seen in diabetic patients, the bladder doesn’t empty completely, which in turn causes the bladder to breed bacteria and cause UTI.

Signs and Symptoms of UTI

We’ll list out the major symptoms of UTI down below

  • Burning sensation along with pain while urination.
  • Constant urge to urinate.
  • Strong foul-smelling urine
  • Cloudy or bloody Urine
  • Back or Abdomen Pain
  • Feeling of chills or fever in the body

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The Diagnose Procedure for UTI

The diagnose procedure for UTI involves a few medical tests that should be done at the medical center or health-care center. You should visit the nearest health-care center of yours and submit a urine sample of yours. The urine sample will be tested along with bacteria and more. Other than that, some procedures like MRI, CT Scan or even ultrasound also helps in diagnosing UTI in the signs are frequent.

The Treatment Procedure for UTI

As we aforementioned above, the diagnose procedure will help find whether you’re suffering from UTI or not. If your urine tests as being contaminated with bacteria, then you’d be asked to prescribe antibiotic medicine for over three days for clean up the infection.

We strongly advise seeking medical help for UTI as untreated UTI may lead to kidney infections over the period. You can also have your way with the medical pharmacy or counter nearby your home. But that would just relieve you of the pain. Always seek medical help for UTI so as to get yourself properly treated.

The Prevention Module for UTI

What, UTI can be prevented? Like really? Well, you can at least out the infection at bay with these following tips. A diabetic patient is highly at risk for UTI, so you’d be better off taking care and preventions in time. Go on.

  • Keep your blood sugar and glucose levels in check and within the optimal range.
  • Intake plenty of fluids like water and juices.
  • Include yogurt in your daily ritual as yogurt contains quite healthy bacteria for your gut region known as probiotics. Or you can even have probiotic supplement instead if you’re lactose intolerant.
  • Do include cranberry juice or supplements as they help prevent the bacteria from staying around and causing infection in the bladder region.
  • Always wear cotton inner wear as it helps check the body moisture and temperature in control and disintegrates bacteria’s breeding ground.
  • Have frequent urination without holding off for long.
  • Also always urinate after having an intercourse for help sway away from the bacteria.
  • Not to forget, always wipe in a front-to-back motion after using the toilet.
  • A thing to remember for women, always is informed prior to the use of birth control methods like diaphragm as that increases the risk of getting UTI.

Urinary tract infection, although common thing around in diabetic patients, should be avoided at earliest to let yourself off the pain and trouble it brings. Always seek medicated help to help guide you on the diagnosis and treatment of the same. After all, a happy urinary tract spells a happy being.

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