Can Diabetics Drink Coffee? Is it Good or Bad for Diabetic Patient

Coffee has been known as a harmful drink which has been responsible for causing a number of health issues. Doctors have always advised avoiding the drink. However, recent studies have only proved that drinking a moderate amount of coffee may not be too bad for health. It, in fact, gives a number of health benefits. In the article that follows, we will find out, although surprisingly, that drinking coffee may actually reduce the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes in the long run.

When we talk about the effect of drinking coffee on the level of blood sugar in the body and consequently its effect on diabetes, we are essentially speaking of type 2 diabetes. The reason being, the effects of caffeine, the main ingredient in the coffee, has been seen more on this type than any other type.

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Effect of Coffee on blood sugar level if you are not Diabetic

Diabetes and Coffee

Let us begin by first understanding the effect of coffee on people who are not suffering from diabetes already. The following are the effects:

  • Coffee reduces the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes if you consume a moderate amount of coffee.
  • Studies have proved that with every cup of coffee consumed, the risk of getting the above disease is reduced by 4-8%.
  • In the short term, the drinking of coffee can lead to increased blood sugar level of the body causing diabetes. However, the same may not be true in the long term.
  • Finally, the long- term benefits of coffee come from the fact that if your body is habituated to the caffeine present in coffee, the blood sugar level will not be affected and that is why in the long term, coffee will not lead to increased blood sugar level or even diabetes.

Effect of Coffee on blood sugar level if you are a Diabetes Patient

Let us now understand what is the effect of Coffee on a person suffering from diabetes.

If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, drinking coffee could be harmful to your health. This is because when you are taking in coffee just before eating, it increases the level of glucose in the blood. This is particularly true for people who are not habituated of drinking coffee in the long run.

Drinking Coffee increases blood sugar level in the short Term but Decreases Chances of Type 2 Diabetes in the Long Term

As seen in the above paragraphs, it sounds a little strange that drinking of coffee increases the sugar level in the blood in the short- term. This, in turn, is harmful to diabetes. However, coffee drinking seems to be useful in the long run. Let us understand why the same happens:

  • Researchers have found out that there is a short-term increase in the Adrenalin rush caused due to coffee consumption. This is responsible for high blood sugar content in the short term.
  • Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants. Hence the short term negative effects of coffee are fought by them rendering long-term benefits.
  • Adiponectin is the main source of protein which is responsible for maintaining the level of sugar in the body. If you are diabetic, the amount of adiponectin is very less in the body. However, it is a known fact that drinking coffee increases adiponectin which helps fight diabetes in the long run.
  • Experts have also concluded that when you are habituated into drinking coffee, the body develops a level of tolerance towards the caffeine. Hence, though harmful in the short term, it does have some long- term benefits.
  • Finally, there is a theory proposed which proves that coffee reduces the risk of a particular type of Liver disease. If a person suffers the disease, he or she experiences a high level of glucose in the body. With the prevention of the liver disease comes the long-term benefits of drinking coffee.

Can Short Term ill Effects of Coffee be prevented?

As drinking of coffee can lead to increased level of blood sugar and insulin in the body, particularly in the short term, it is important that proper precautions be taken on maintaining a controlled level of blood sugar and glucose in the body.

Experts have always believed that coffee and the accompanying caffeine may have different effects on different people. As such, it is of prime importance that you keep on checking the blood sugar level from time to time so that it is kept with in the normal standards.

The Increase in the blood sugar level and subsequent diseases like diabetes can happen to anyone. It is not necessary that drinking coffee alone gives you all these diseases. However, if you are a diabetes patient already, you should not start taking in coffee too much in the short term. It will aggravate your condition.

If you are already into drinking coffee, continue doing so, but within the established limits. Having said that, do so only after consulting a certified diabetes expert as caffeine will have different effects on different people. The short-term and long-term effect of coffee on your health will also depend on a lot of other factors such as your medical history, body immunity, etc. You will have to decide and develop a particular lifestyle depending on what is best for your health! 

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