Alcohol and Diabetes: Can Diabetics Drink Alcohol? Myths & Facts

Drinking Alcohol is common are these days but with diabetes it’s complicated and confusing should we “drink or not” will it be “bad or good”. We here are lined up to offer insights on diabetes and its relation to alcohol. We’ll offer you answers for the myths and facts associated with the drinking and alcohol too. Lets find out can you drink alcohol with diabetes.

The thing about diabetes is that it increases the level of glucose in our blood stream. The glucose levels in the body are used for energy as a fuel. Upon normal functioning, the body flushes the excess glucose via urine, but in cases of diabetic symptoms, the body can’t flush out the excess of glucose.

While a lot many have insulin resistance where the required blood sugar levels are low. Drinking often causes the liver to stop the production of glucose in the body and that’s where Hypoglycemia is created. Hypoglycemia further shows the tendency to cause the users to have slurring words, confusion, abnormal behavior.

However, there are quite a few known precursors that affect the diabetic condition of the people and can even cause when the excess of those acts pile up. For example, moderate alcohol drinking may rise up blood sugar, excess drinking can lead to low blood sugar levels and affect the metabolism of the body. The excess of such may lead to diabetic symptoms for many.

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The thing with Alcohol and Diabetes

Many wonder if alcohol is off the grid for diabetes while a good many on the other hand feel respite of it. The thing about alcohol is the moderation involved with it. A moderate level will work good and won’t cause harm to your health.

But if the intake increases, then the risks increase dramatically for people. We’ll talk more about the contribution of alcohol to diabetic conditions down below.

How Alcohol pertains risk for diabetic Conditions?

Alcohol, as we talked about, can be on the downside if not taken moderately. And in that case, the risks for the diabetic condition is triggered quite high. We’ll list out the factors that affect the relation between diabetes and alcohol hereupon-

  • Heavy drinking has been linked to affecting the body’s insulin sensitivity. That, in turn, might result in the symptoms of the Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Heavy drinking also causes side effects on the pancreas which results in diabetes.
  • The calorie counter of alcohol drinks portrays very high levels and cause result in overweight if taken regularly. Just for a stat, a pint of beer may contain the same amount of calories as of a slice of your favorite pizza. And as far as we know, obesity and overweight are a precursor to the Type 2 Diabetes.

The myths about Diabetes and Alcohol

There are quite a few things going on when it comes to the relation between diabetes and alcohol. We’ll look to debunk the theory here with our myth busters. Read along.

  • Alcohol doesn’t necessarily lead to diabetes but leads to increased symptoms.
  • A little intake of alcohol is known to help relieve the heart risks and more.
  • Alcohol can relate to hypoglycemia and cause further complications.
  • Moderate consumption of alcohol won’t cause diabetes and won’t increase the complications.

So what next for people with Diabetes?

  • It’s not all dull and gloomy for diabetic patients, Normally doctors advise the patients with diabetic symptoms to intake alcohol in the moderate levels. You don’t have to give up entirely. Stay within the limits and you’d be good to go.
  • Pair your lifestyle with healthy diet and ample exercise. That way a small intake of alcohol won’t harm you.

Tips to keep diabetes at bay

Here’s what you need to do so as to keep diabetes in control.

a) Have a healthy diet

  • Keeping your body filled with healthy diet and snacks will ensure that the body’s blood sugar levels are regulated. That way the alcohol intake won’t harm your body. Alcohol often keeps the blood sugar levels at low so you have to keep the body filled with carbohydrates and ample food intake.

b) Track your drinking

  • Have your drinking levels kept on track as that will have a say on your lifestyle? Often alcoholic drinks have high calories in them. Keep it in check and do look upon your calorie consumption intake as that will help you out.

 c) Mind your strength

  • Alcoholic drinks are a tough nut to crack. There are quite a few things on offer in alcoholic beverages and not everything is everyone’s cup of tea. Always look for the ABV percentage, i.e. Alcohol by Volume thing. It shows the amount of alcohol per pint or bottle. Only try the ones that you can muster Don’t play out of your strengths.

d) Keep your blood sugar levels at control

  • Only drink when your body’s blood sugar levels are at control. That way your body will be contempt for drinks.

We hope to have helped you with the post. We’ll be back with another one in the nearest of future. Adios.

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