Can Diabetics Eat Strawberries?

Who does not love strawberries? there are a very few people in this world who will say a no to a cup full of fresh strawberries. but if you are someone who has diabetes, you sure need to ask this question “Can a Diabetic Eat Strawberries?” let us find out the answer to the above question

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Nutrition Profile of Strawberries

Before understanding the relationship between diabetes and strawberries, it is really important to first deeply understand the presence of various nutrients and other ingredients in the fruit.

If you take one full cup of the fruit, you will end up consuming only around 11 grams of carbohydrates. This is much within the range of the regular intake of carbohydrates that is recommended for all the diabetes patients. The 11 grams also includes the much-needed 3 grams of fiber.

So, effectively one full cup of the fruit contains only around 8 grams of carbohydrates.


Advantages of Eating Strawberries in Diabetes

The various benefits of eating strawberries in diabetes include the following:

=> The kidney related condition is one of the major complications that a person suffering from diabetes is known to face. Eating strawberries can help you a great deal in avoiding such a complication

=> Strawberry is known to have a low score of glycemic index. This means that the carbs present in the fruit are really slow in getting digested. You, therefore, need not worry about sudden spikes in the blood glucose or blood sugar level whenever you eat strawberries

=> You need not worry about putting on weight if you eat strawberries. Weight management is an essential part of diabetes management. You need to keep your weight under control if you want to avoid any complications related to diabetes.

=> Besides, fiber present in strawberries helps you feel full for a longer period of time. This, in turn, will go along way in helping you manage your weight in an effective manner

=> Strawberries are further known to be a rich source of vitamin C. As you know it by now, vitamin C plays a very important role in helping you boost the immunity system of your body. Diabetes is an autoimmune disease which by adversely affecting the immunity system of the body, leads to a number of complications. Vitamin C present in the fruit will help you deal with a number of such complications and conditions.

=> The most beneficial compound that is present in strawberries is the flavonoid known as the fisetin. It is a great antioxidant that helps you to deal with various complications that are involved in diabetes.

=> Fisetin also goes a long way in helping you avoid some of the complications related to diabetes. This is particularly true of kidney-related This is particularly true as it helps in reducing the problem of enlargement in the size of the kidneys

=> Diabetic neuropathy often causing problems in different nerve points of the body such as the hands and the feet are also reduced

=> Strawberries again go a long way in helping to deal with the problem of loss of memory.

=> The presence of compounds known as anthocyanins and ellagitannins and others imply that the person who has diabetes need not worry too much about the high blood pressure problems if he or she is consuming the recommended amount of strawberries every single day.

=> Having seen the advantages of eating strawberries for a patient who has diabetes, it is also important to note the following risks that can be caused if you are a diabetic and are into eating strawberries:

Risks of Eating Strawberries

  • You can eat strawberries in various forms. However, strawberries prepared in the form of pies and cakes are the ones that will contain a lot of sugar and various other additives. You should avoid strawberry in this form as it will do more harm than will benefit you.
  • If you do not eat within the recommended quantity, there are chances that you will develop a lot of complications that might arise as a result of diabetes.
  • There are various forms in which you can eat strawberries. some of these include fresh fruit, dried fruit, adding the strawberries in cereals, amongst a host of other ways.

How Can you Include Strawberries in Your Diet?

There are many different ways in which the fruit can be included in your regular diet. Some of these ways are:

  • You can add cut fresh fruits and have it along with other fruits so that you can enjoy the health benefits of different other fruits as well
  • You can dip the fruit in dark chocolate sauce to give way to your dessert cravings
  • You can add the fruit in your chicken salad as well

Thus, as is clear, strawberries can be one of the best fruits that you can easily add to your diabetic diet.

All you need to do is that you should consult your doctor first and eat it within the recommended range.

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