Can Diabetics Eat khichdi? Is It Good or Bad?

If you have diabetes, it can be controlled only through a proper diet. It is impossible to get rid of diabetes once you get it, but you can control it with some good foods and diets. You have to maintain this routine from time to time. It is always suggested to consume homemade foods. This will keep you away from all issues. Diabetes is a metabolism disorder that may increase the blood sugar level in the body. If the sugar level increases largely, you have to take insulin which is painful and bad for a patient.

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How to take khichdis?

You can take khichdi’s in many ways. If you consult a dietician, he will also suggest including khichdi in your diet. You can have khichdi’s of various items. Some people have sabudana khihdi. It is also a good choice. Khichdi’s are always rich in fiber and protein. It will never affect your body but will keep it delicate and fit. Any processed foods can harm your body if you have diabetes. This is why most people are suggested to take khichdi’s during lunch or dinner time. It is a good choice.


The glycaemic index of Khichdi is low, so it is suitable for diabetic patients. Food with a high level of gkycaemic index may increase the body’s blood sugar level which is harmful for a diabetic patient. It is also crucial to keep a particular watch on the daily diet. It is the diet that will maintain blood sugar levels in the body. Any junk food can instantly increase the sugar level. The situation may become worse, and you need to be hospitalized. Sabudana is a healthy food that is also good for diabetic patients. You can make a fantastic khichdi with sabudana with other vegetables.

What are the benefits of khichdi for a diabetic patient?

You will feel good to know about the particular benefits of khichdi. It contains a good amount of calcium, magnesium, and protein that is ideal for two types of diabetes. It will only control the blood sugar level in the body and will also help in losing weight. Many people become obese because of the intake of junk foods. But with the intake of these types of foods, you can manage the weight of your body. This is a good thing.

On the other hand, you can also try Bajre ki Khichdi. It is suitable for people having diabetes. Whole-grain foods like Bajra and other items will help to control the sugar level in the body. It is also rich in fiber that is good for the body. Many times, you may also feel low or loss of energy because of diabetes issues. But if you try to take Bajra khichdi it can help you stay fit and active throughout the day. Bajra is rich in magnesium that reduces the risk of gaining diabetes. You can have it as a safety from the beginning.

So, you can control diabetes with a proper and balanced diet.