Can Diabetics Eat Dhokla? Is It Good or Bad?

A diabetic patient has some dietary restrictions. They must try to have some foods that are healthy and good for their health. You can easily beat diabetes if you maintain a proper diet and lifestyle. It would help if you gave up all types of savored snacks and foods as they can hamper your health to a great extent. If you have diabetes, you have to take special care of your health because it may inhibit other parts and organs of the body. It is in our hands to keep our health fine. We can easily do it.

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Is dhokla permissible for diabetic patients?


You may be confused about the matter of whether dhokla can be taken in case of diabetes. Dhokla is one such food that is famous in many parts of the world. It is the actual food of western India. The light and soft foods come with a beautiful flavor and taste. This vegetarian food is tasty and healthy for a diabetic patient. You can rely upon this food even if you have diabetes. The ingredients involved in the preparation of dhokla are excellent and safe.

It is okay if you check the glycemic index of Dhokla. This will give you a clear conception of the food. Glycemic index is nothing but the measurement of the healthiness of the food that you consume. If you have diabetes, you must check the glycemic index of the food before consuming the same. The low glycemic index ranges from 0 to 55. The medium glycemic index ranges from 56 to 69, and high glycemic index is above 70. The glycemic index of dhokla is 35, which is low. It also varies from 31 to 35. Thus, it is safe for a diabetic patient. You can safely consume it.

What are the good things about dhokla?

To make the food much safer and better for a diabetic patient you can add some ingredients. This will make the food much better and suitable. Please mix some vegetables and other related items. Besan is always a great source of useful nutrients. It will never affect your health in any way. You can also prepare a dhokla by using gram flour. It will make the dhokla much healthier and safer for  diabetic patients.

In addition to this, you can also add ingredients like ginger, suji, lemon, turmeric powder. It will make the dish much healthier and better. These are some of the main elements that can make the dhokla delicious and healthy at the same time. To prepare a dhokla you need to have less oil. This is another positive side of having dhokla. Dhokla is always safe and ideal for diabetic patients. It would help if you took it as your breakfast, but it is better to take dhokla occasionally. Regular consumption may be harmful for your stomach.

But it is safe for diabetic patients. In addition, it can keep you fine and active throughout the day while you are stepping out for work.