Can Diabetics Eat Cucumbers?

You will often wonder, with so many nutritional benefits, why should someone question the consumption of the green vegetable cucumber in diabetics? Well, diabetes is a complicated condition and you need to be really careful as to what you intake and what you don’t when you have the condition.

In this article, let us try to get answers to the question “Can diabetics Eat Cucumbers?”

Benefits of Cucumbers


Cucumbers offers a lot of health benefits. Some of the advantages include the following:

-} One of the major advantages of cucumber is that it helps to stabilize the blood pressure in a patient. Elevated levels of blood pressure have always been cited as one of the complications in diabetes. The essential minerals present therein ensure that the blood pressure is maintained at the required levels.

-} High in fiber, the vegetable also goes a long way in helping you feel full for a longer period of time. This, in turn, helps you to lose weight easily. In diabetes, you need to be weary of putting on too much weight.

-} Cucumber is very helpful in improving the digestive tract. When you are a diabetic, you prone to suffer from a lot of digestion-related issues. The vegetable goes a long way in helping you deal with the situation. Further, the vegetable reduces the impact of kidney stones in your body to a great extent.

-} The vegetable is a source of various Minerals and Vitamins such as vitamin c, potassium, amongst a whole lot of other. Each one of these have several health benefits to the diabetic patients.

-} Another important benefit offered by cucumber is that it does not increase the level of carbohydrates in the body of its patient. This is particularly important as diabetes tends to get all the more complicated when you fail to control the levels of carbs.

-} The vegetable is also low in the overall glycemic index. This implies that you need not worry about consuming the same if you are a diabetic.

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How Does Cucumber Help in Diabetes?

So, having seen the advantages which cucumber has to offer in all the people suffering from diabetes, let us now see how the vegetable can help in the alleviation of diabetes.

Consumption of cucumber is known to improve the overall health of an individual. It has a low glycemic index and that is why it is recommended to include in the diet of an individual who suffers from diabetes. The hormones present therein goes a long way in helping the beta cells improve. It is these beta cells which, in turn, helps the pancreas to produce insulin and thereby helping in controlling diabetes to a great extent. Thus, overall, when you consume cucumbers within the recommended range, the overall glucose levels in the body is stabilized. This, in turn, helps to control diabetes to a great extent.

How to Use Cucumber in a Diabetic Diet?

Having seen all the benefits that cucumber has to offer, you need to, however, keep in mind, that being diabetic, you definitely need to be weary about how much of the vegetable you should consume. Moderate amounts work best and the various ways in which the same can be added in your diet includes the following:

  • You can make a wonderful salad recipe that will help you in not only getting nutritional benefits of cucumber but also it will help to cool the body down during summers. All you need along with cucumber is a carrot, red onion, a few coriander leaves. You can add a dressing of salt, rice vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, amongst others.
  • You could also use the cut cucumbers and mix it with peas, mint leaves, etc.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian, you can also use cucumbers and add the same to tuna fish or even make a chicken salad out of it.
  • You can also make a lot of varieties of soups out of cucumber.

Thus, there are various ways in which you can add cucumbers in your daily diet. However, be weary to not go overboard and eat it in moderation!

As is clear from the above article, if you are a patient of diabetes, you definitely can include cucumbers in your daily diet, unless your medical expert advises otherwise. However, you need to remember that cucumber, can in no way be a cure to a disease like diabetes.

This is a vegetable which when eaten can give you various nutritional benefits and you should not mistake it for a cure for diabetes.

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