Can Diabetics Eat Brown Rice? Is It Good or Bad?

Brown rice is available around the globe and is the perfect food for diabetes patients. Brown rice contains a lot of nutrients, which helps to regenerate your body. Simple rice also is a good nutrient for your health. But brown rice has comparatively low carbs. Brown rice is high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which helps to manage diabetes.

Now, most people are turning to the brown rice regarding their health. There are many benefits of introducing brown rice to your diet, the important ones are as follow –

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Low in carbs

If someone has diabetes then, they must lower the carbohydrates source of the food. For doing this, first of all, reduce simple white rice from your diet, because they contain a large number of sugars compared to any other food. On the other hand, brown rice has less amount of sugar.

brown rice

Carbs are a must for the functioning of the body, and neurons only rely on carbohydrates for energy. But if someone has a diabetic problem, you have to lower the carbs on the dining table. There are many other pathways of anabolism that exist in the cells, which converts other nutrients to carbs. These pathways are glycogenesis, gluconeogenesis and so on.

Good Fats

Brown rice are not a good source of lipids and fats. They are mostly composed of carbs. You can easily know this fact, if you press the rice seed on the solid surface, there is not any oil. But there is a plus point, brown rice contains necessary fatty acids.

PUFA ( polyunsaturated fatty acid) and MUFA ( multi unsaturated fatty acid) are in the brown rice seeds. These unsaturated fatty acids help in the production of lipoproteins. Lipoproteins are the combination of protein and lipid, helps in the management of blood cholesterol levels.

To cover the deficiency of glycogen

Glycogen is converted from glucose and help in the shortage of glucose. Glycogen is the major source that makes a body muscular. This chemical is stored in the small chambers of the cells. Glycogen is the first stored food for the body in the deficiency of food.

If you do not eat properly for a long time then your stored glycogen starts to metabolise. If all the glycogen is metabolized in the body then important fats start to metabolize. So you have to eat the brown rice to full fil the deficiency of the glycogen in the body.

Reasons to Consume Brown Rice for Diabetics

A couple of reasons are supporting the fact that Brown Rice is way better than regular rice for diabetics patients –

  • Digestion Improvement – Diabetics patients usually struggle with metabolic issues and they can have a hard time during the bowling moment. To balance digestion and improving it, brown rice is helpful.
  • Reduce cholesterol Level – Higher Cholesterol level among the diabetic patient is a serious issue and controlling cholesterol intake can help you balance the diabetes level. When you consume brown rice, there is a direct benefit in the reduction of cholesterol from the body.
  • Nutritional Benefits –Brown rice is rich in vitamins like B1, B3, E, iron, K magnesium, protein,and zinc. Along with essential nutrients, there is lots of fibre to support muscle recovery, help bowel movement and a lot more.
  • Easily Available and Affordable – The natural and affordable method to control diabetes is brown rice. It is easily available throughout the world and a bowl of brown rice is good enough to support you through the day.

These are some of the major reasons which can make diabetes patients shift from regular rice to brown rice.