Can a Diabetic Person Eat Bagels?

A diabetic is always conscious of what he or she should include in the day to day diet as managing the condition requires managing the overall meal, the diet, and lifestyle. In today’s article, let us analyze the relationship that exists between diabetes and bagels. Bagels may not be regarded as a great choice for the diabetes patients. However, there are several variants available today that you can include the same in your diabetic diet to some extent, as we will find out in the article that follows.

So, come and join in for the article “Can a Diabetic Eat Bagels?”

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Bagels and Diabetes

An oat bagel of small size is known to comprise around 176 units of calories, 2.5 grams of fiber, and negligible amounts of saturated fats. They are also known to be rich in carbohydrates. Bagels are known to be a food which is full of starch and whenever you eat a bagel, you are in fact having two full servings of food that is high in the starch content.


Bagels are mainly made from the refined white flour, which is something that being a diabetic you should avoid eating to the maximum possible extent. Eating bagel has been known to increase your levels of blood glucose and that is not something which a person who is suffering from diabetes would want. Besides, the authentic bagels that we are normally talking about are usually high in the total glycemic index which again hints that you should avoid eating them to the maximum possible extent.

Due to all the above-mentioned reasons, bagels are not something that any diabetic expert will recommend you to include in your overall meal plan. However, in any case, if you do want to include this fast food in your diet plan, you need to be careful enough and you should remember to follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

Guidelines to Follow if You Do Want to Include Bagels in Your Diabetic Diet

If you do want to include bagels in your overall diet, you need to follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • If you want to include bagels in your diet and you are afraid that it will adversely affect your diabetes, you should choose whole grain bagels instead of those that are made out of processed grains or refined grains.
  • You have to eat bagels that are made out of whole wheat flour as they are a rich source of several nutrients and also help you in getting all types of fatty acids, vitamins, phytochemicals, etc. which play an important role in helping to manage diabetes effectively and efficiently.
  • Since bagels are known to contain a lot of starch, you should eat them along with other food sources including fruits, vegetables that do not contain starch, food rich in protein, as directed by your health expert.
  • Keep a tap on the size of the bagel that you are eating.
  • Besides, you should know how much quantity of each type of nutrient you should eat in your overall diet each time during the day. According to the American Diabetes Association,
  • In breakfast, the right amount to be had includes around one-half of starch, one-fourth of protein, and the remaining one-fourth portion should be that of some fresh fruit.
  • For lunch and dinner, the recommended nutrients include one-half of non-starchy vegetables, one-fourth of starchy food items, and the remaining one-fourth of protein-rich food.

You can accordingly include bagel as part of your diabetic diet and meal plan.

How to Make Low Carb Bagels?

Bagels are rich in carbohydrates and that is the reason they are not recommended for people who are diabetic as there is a risk of increasing blood glucose levels in this case. If you can make bagels which are low in carbohydrates, that will go a long way in helping you to deal with diabetes effectively. Following are the instructions:

For this preparation, you would require around one-fourth cup of coconut oil or butter, one-fourth cup of coconut flour, one-fourth cup of whey protein, a few eggs, sea salt, and aluminum free baking powder.

You first need to preheat the oven and mix the eggs, coconut oil, butter, spices, and other ingredients together. Post that mix the whey protein, baking powder, and coconut in a separate bowl. The two mixtures should be well blended and when baked in the oven for around 15 to 20 minutes, the low carb bagel is ready. Low carb bagels can be made in different ways as well. You need to be careful about how you are making it and then include the same in your overall meal plan if you are a diabetic.

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We hope that the above article has been helpful in improving your understanding of the relationship that exists between bagels and diabetes. Although eating bagels is not a highly recommended option for those with diabetes, it can be included in your meal plan if your doctor has permitted you to do so and also as long as you are following the above-mentioned guidelines!!

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