Can Diabetics Eat Arbi (Taro Root)? Is It Good or Bad?

Now, most people around the globe are suffering from a common disease, called diabetes. Diabetes is a clinical condition in which the blood sugar concentration increases. There are several reasons for increasing plasma sugar levels and it can affect your health in a severe manner. For example, a higher carb diet, pancreatitis, lower production of insulin etc. But the question is how to manage diabetes.

The first important thing in the management of diabetes is taking a managed and good diet. Arbi is one of the good vegetables that help in diabetes. Taro Root also called Arbi in Hindi is delicious food and rich in nutrients. There are several reasons to include Arbi in the diet of diabetics, as follows.

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A Ton of Dietary Fibres


Arbi is used as food in the whole world. This is a very tasty and healthy vegetable. All parts of this plant-like leaves, stem, roots are used as food. Arbi is the best vegetable for diabetics because it contains a lot of fibres. Arbi lowers the risk of developing diabetes in normal people. And its fibres help in the regulation of the blood sugar level in diabetics.

Taro Root is a good source of energy for diabetic patients because it has a low Glycemic index and has good carbs (starch and fibre).

Presence of Essential VitaminIn Taro Root

Along with the low Glycemic index of the Arbi, this vegetable also contains a lot of essential vitamins. In the Arbi, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and vitamin C are present in higher values. And can easily fulfil approximately 25 per cent of the daily requirement of these vitamins.

Vitamins E is good for the regeneration and normal functioning of the epithelial cells of the pancreas, the place where insulin produces. Vitamin E is controlled and monitors the functioning of the insulin. Vitamin C has the most dominant function among these all Vitamin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and are best for the normal functioning of the metabolism. Thus, Vitamin C regulates carbohydrate metabolism and eventually controls the blood sugar concentration.

Other Necessary Minerals

Taro Roots are full of the minerals that are involved in the metabolism and catabolism of carbohydrates. Magnesium, Manganese, and Copper are the minerals that are present in higher proportions. These all minerals are involved in the catabolic reactions of carbohydrates. Thus, the use of Arbi in the diet can be helpful in the management of diabetes. So, everyone should prepare a diet plan that contains Arbi.

Apparently Arbi has many other advantages which can make you find it helpful for overall health gain. You can find advantages with heart health. People who eat Arbi tend to have better overall heat health, which ensure that you are ensuring a better full body health by this method for sure.

Help with Blood Pressure

For a diabetes patient, blood pressure might be a common issue because many people suffer from these two issues at the same time. Consumption of Arbi will help maintain the blood pressure. Due to the low sodium content, your blood vessel will clean in a better manner and you can expect better overall health.

Apart from the lower sodium content, there is less fat in Taro Root. With the presence of other essential minerals like Potassium and Magnesium, your body will be effectively retaining fluid. People suffering from lower body weight will be getting a ton of advantages after the consumption of taro root.

So, the sugar level will also be in control due to the magnesium and potassium of taro root. Eventually, skin-related benefits make Arbi highly appreciable among today’s youth.