Can Diabetics Drink Lemon Water?

Lemon water is liked by one and all and being a simple drink no one will suspect it to do any harm whatsoever. However, when you are a diabetes patient, you need to think twice before including any new thing in your diet. So, in this article, let us try to find out the answer to the question “Can Diabetics Drink Lemon Water?”

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Advantages of Lemon Water for Diabetes:

-} The low glycemic index of lemon means that lemon water does not result in a spike in the blood glucose levels to a great extent. It can safely be had by those with diabetes

-} The soluble fiber in the lemons also implies that the blood glucose levels actually reduce when you drink the juice. Diabetes, as you know, is a problem in the sense that it causes a spike in blood glucose levels. Hence, with glucose levels in the blood falling, lemon water could be a great choice for the diabetes patient.

Lemon Water

-} Potassium levels in lemons help to get the much-needed potassium to your body. Potassium is an important nutrient that goes a long way in helping to reduce the risks associated with a cardiac arrest or strokes. Thus, one of the major complications of diabetes, that arises as a result of heart-related complications is taken care of when you drink lemon water as per the recommended levels

-} It is a known fact, particularly in the world of Ayurveda that when you drink warm lemon water, your digestion system tends to become a little smoother and simpler. Digestive system gets a little disturbed when you have diabetes as diabetes tends to negatively impact the various body parts. However, with lemon water, you can get some relief at least.

-} Lemon is also rich in vitamin C. This means that when you have diabetes, drinking lemon water can help reduce the levels of triglycerides, cholesterol levels, inflammation-related diseases which are a common complication in a diabetes patient.

-} The problem of body’s resistance to insulin is further decreased to considerable levels. Hence, lemon water is advantageous for all the diabetes patients.

-} Vitamin C also benefits the diabetes patients in the sense that it prevents the production of free radicals that are known to damage the important cells in the body.

-} Drinking lemon water regularly may also aid in reducing the weight of the patient. In diabetes, it is a known fact that you need to keep your weight in healthy Otherwise, the disease gets a lot more complicated and you end up getting a lot of problems. Hence, by keeping the weight under control, lemon water helps a great deal in helping to manage diabetes.

Despite the above advantages, it is important to note that not everything is perhaps good for lemon water for the diabetes patients. There are a few risks that need to be considered if you are a patient of diabetes and you want to drink lemon water.

Risks of Lemon Water for Diabetes Patients:

  • In some patients, lemon water is known to cause heartburn.
  • It is a known fact that you should not consume food items that comprise a lot of oxalates. In fact, the peel of lemons is known to comprise oxalates. This means that if you drink too much of lemons, you might end up getting kidney stones or even inflammatory diseases.
  • When you have been recommended to drink lemon water to manage your diabetes, it is imperative that you drink lots and lots of water to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated. This is of primary importance as lemon water is considered to be a diuretic.
  • You should always remember the fact that you should drink lemon water with a straw. The reason for the same is that when you drink it without a straw, it might have a negative effect on your enamel and the tooth.

Factors That Should be Kept in Mind:

Some factors need to be kept in mind while you choose to drink lemon water when you are a person who suffers from diabetes:

  • You should intake lemon water as per the recommended levels of the experts
  • You should go for the warm lemon water and should not add any preservatives to it
  • Ways of using lemons include the following:
  • The best way to have it is just to squeeze a few drops in water and drink the juice
  • You can use it as a dressing for the salads
  • Use it to add a sort of tanginess to your curries

Thus, as is clear from the above article, lemons can easily be added to a diabetic diet, provided it is recommended by an expert and you do not go overboard while you include the same.

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