Can Diabetes Cause Burning Urination?

Urinary problems or problems related to the urinary tract are not unheard of in a person who is suffering from a disease that is as complicated and as severe as diabetes. Diabetes can affect any organ of the body owing to its very nature.

A lot of complications arise in different body parts as various nerves can be damaged of people with diabetes fail to take adequate care of the disease. In this article, let us understand “Can Diabetes Cause Burning Urination?”

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Symptoms of Burning or Painful Urination

The various signs and symptoms of painful urination might include any one of the following:

  • You do not have a control on the urinary bladder
  • Pain in the abdominal area when you urinate
  • Pain in the urinary tract and the glands associated with the same when you urinate
  • You sometimes even get blood in the urine
  • Regular ejections
  • fever

Different Conditions that can Cause a Burning Sensation when you Urinate

There are various conditions that can lead to a burning sensation at the time when you urinate. These conditions may or may not be caused due to diabetes. Before reaching a conclusion as to whether or not diabetes causes burning urination, we should be aware of the complete picture. Following are the some of the various causes of burning urination:

  • The common cause include the inflammatory diseases known as prostatitis and the Urethritis which affect men
  • Another possible reason could be a yeastinfection or any other type of infection caused in the vagina of the women
  • Sexually transmitted diseases could also be one of the reasons why a person might suffer from painful urination or burning urination
  • A tumor that is detected in the urinary tract can also lead to burning urination in patients
  • Menopause or other issues in women due to which there are changes in the respiratory organ of the women

Apart from the above, diabetes can also cause issues in the urinary tract of the patient. Some of the more common problems caused by diabetes include the following:

  • Nerve damage that is common in diabetes can make it difficult for a person to control the internal muscles of the urinary tract. This causes problems in urination
  • Sometimes, when you are a diabetes patient, you will not be able to urinate completely at one go. The bladder loses the potential of emptying itself all at once.
  • High blood sugar in diabetes can further lead to the problem of frequent urination.
  • When there is high blood glucose in the blood, a number of bacteria and another fungus will survive on that glucose. This, in turn, causes infections and other diseases affecting the urinary tract.

Thus, urinary problems are not something that is unheard of in a diabetes patient.

Diabetes and Urinary Problems

As we know, diabetes is complicated and it causes a number of problems in patients. One such complication for patients suffering from diabetes is burning urination. There are a few reasons as to why diabetes leads to burning urination. These are as below

  • Diabetes is known to result in damaging the various nerves in the patients. Whenever any nerve that causes and controls urination in the human body is affected adversely, urination could be a problem.
  • When you have an unhealthy lifestyle such as continued alcohol use, smoking, lack of exercise, and other problems, you will suffer from the problem of high cholesterol and other issues, that will eventually lead to burning urination
  • Another reason why a patient could get urinary problems due to diabetes is the fact that diabetes is so complicated that you might have to take a lot of medicines to keep going on and to fight with various diabetes-related complications. Regular use of such medicines, can, in turn, lead to burning when you urinate

Thus, as is clear from the above article, although the problem of burning urination can be caused due to several other reasons, diabetes can also lead to the problem in its patients.

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