My Blood Sugar Level Is Over 600 What To Do?

If a blood sugar level exceeds 600 mg/dL, you are highly vulnerable to ketoacidosis. If it remains the same for hours, it is very deadly and you must be hospitalized. This condition is also known as Hyperglycemia. The risk of developing ketoacidosis is increased severely if blood sugars are above 240, as reported by the American Diabetes Association. Body starts using its fat to generate energy in this condition. If not treated well, it can cause coma and even death.


If blood sugar level remains high for longer time period and body uses fat to use energy, ketones are the toxic elements which start to develop. One can measure ketones in the form of urine. High blood sugar and diabetes often go hand in hand. Acute pancreatitis is the major cause of hyperglycemia. Some of early symptoms are excessive thirst and dehydration because you have to pee more often. If blood sugar exceeds 600 milligrams per deciliter and remains for long time, it could cause fatigue, breathing problems, reduced consciousness, and confusion.

High Blood Sugar

When body lacks insulin severely (produced in pancreas), blood sugar levels go extremely high. To deal with ketones, liver generates more amount of glucose. But there is no control over increasing blood sugar without insulin. If you have diabetes and miss insulin doses, you might be at higher risk of developing ketoacidosis due to lack of insulin, trauma, and infection.


If blood pressure levels remain severely high for an extended period of time, it can cause cerebral edema (swelling in your brain). In addition, children are more vulnerable to this condition. Some other complications you may have are kidney failure, heart attack, and organ damage due to low blood pressure.


It is very important to treat severely high blood sugar to avoid complications. It is also vital to normalize the levels of blood glucose with insulin dose. To resolve acidosis, it is also vital to provide respiratory support with ventilator or oxygen support and medications to correct vomiting. One can also address the cause of high blood sugar. In this condition, you also need to keep track on your sodium, carbon dioxide, potassium, and chloride levels closely.

What to Do?

If blood sugar level goes very high, i.e. up to 400 in children and 600 in adults, you need to do the following basic things. Keep in mind readings in some monitors level up to just 400.

  • Before you check your blood sugar, make sure to wash your finger properly. Your skin may also have sugar which can show up higher reading.
  • Check the accuracy of the machine and check the blood sugar level again.
  • If it is reading high more than twice, ask the doctor and call emergency service

Once your blood sugar level gets back to normal, always keep track on blood sugar levels as recommended and take medications as prescribed and never delay or skip dose. To fulfill the need for fluids that are lost during urination, drink more liquids. It is better to drink sugar-free drinks and water. Don’t drink alcohol and coffee. Also keep soda, syrup, fruit juice at bay.

P.S. – The information given above in this post is for information purpose only and is not considered as an alternative to doctor’s prescription. So, we request you to please make decisions according to your doctor’s advice.

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