Useful Tips for Traveling with Insulin and Diabetes Kit

Traveling with diabetes can be a very challenging and daunting task. You need to follow a particular schedule as well as carry all the medicines, insulin, and other supplies with you. Remembering and making sure that you have everything handy can be a very difficult situation. However, a few tips, if adequately followed, can make life simpler. so, come and join in for the article “List of Best Tips for Diabetic people Traveling with Insulin and their Kit.”

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Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Traveling

Before you have finally left for the travel, you should remember to take the following steps:

  • Always consult your doctor about the planning of the travel tip and make sure that you are having a medical test for this purpose.
  • Before leaving, also try to take a letter explaining in detail about the medicines and insulin syringes that you need to take while traveling. Also, remember to take a prescription from the doctor. The prescription should explain about the insulin syringes a well as the pills you need to take.
  • If you are planning to travel by air, check if it is possible for you to operate the blood glucose device or to take insulin inside the flight
  • Make sure you have both your travel insurance and health insurance in place before you finally take off
  • You should make the entire diabetes team a part of your travel schedule

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Tips for Packing

traveling tips for diabetes

Remember the following while packing:

  • You must remember to take all the insulin syringes with you
  • Remember to take all the medicines that you have been asked to take
  • Your diabetes identity card is a must should you need any special assistance
  • Carry all the blood as well as urine testing equipment’s with extra batteries
  • A few snacks that you need to eat while you are traveling. These may include a form of sugar, fruits, untreated juice, amongst others.

Ideally, you should take all the above more than what you normally need. Always pack the above-mentioned things in one bag so that you need not keep on searching for your medicines all over.

General Tips

Remember and follow the below-mentioned tips while traveling:

=> Always keep a list of everything that you need for the trip comprising medicines, insulin syringes, etc. ready. You can take the help of a medical expert in doing so.

=> Keep the entire diabetes kit comprising medicines, insulin syringes, etc. near you so that they are accessible to you at all times.

=> You should try your best to stick to the normal routine to the maximum possible extent.

=> Make it a point to inform the staff and the other security members at the airport or the train staff that you have diabetes and that you might need special assistance while you are traveling. The diabetes identity card, as well as the doctor’s letter, can prove to be handy at this point.

=> Ideally, you should carry your own supplies of snacks as well as the other food products. However, in case you do need to eat food from outside while traveling, do not forget to see and count the calories as well as the total carbohydrates intake on the same.

=> Keep yourself hydrated at all times and hence, carry sufficient amount of water to help you with the same.

=> Remember to set the timing of the insulin pump and other devices as per the different time zones in which you might be traveling

=> Always check your blood sugar level before and after every meal you take. This is important more so because the change in your daily schedule can cause the level of blood glucose to fluctuate to a great extent.

=> Remember that physical movement forms a very important part of effective diabetes management. Hence, it is necessary that you try to move around to the maximum possible extent especially when you are traveling to long distances

=> It is important to inform your fellow passengers about your diabetes so that in case of any help needed, they would know what to do.

Following the above simple tips meticulously will go a long way in helping you to manage diabetes effectively even while you are traveling for long distances.

We hope that the above post has been helpful in providing you some useful tips which can effectively be used to manage diabetes and keeping your normal routine intact while you are traveling with your insulin and diabetes kit!

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