Best Rice For Diabetics

People suffering from diabetes are restricted to eat potatoes, sweets, and even rice. The availability of carbohydrate and starch compounds in rice may increase blood sugar levels, so it should be restricted in a diabetes diet plan. What if, you are diabetic and eat rice? The good news is yes you can eat rice after checking out the nutritional profile.

You need to check the GI and carbohydrate count for the type of rice you want to eat. You should consume between 45 grams and 60 grams of carbohydrates per meal. Few types of rice have least GI scores than others. We suggest you eat rice that packs a nutritional hit. Rice varieties such as broad, brown, and long-grain white contain more nutrients, vitamins, and fibre than regular short-grain white rice. And, these are great options to add to the diabetes food list. However, the cooking style and method can raise the GI significantly.

List of Best Rice For Diabetics