Best School Lunch Box Ideas for Kids With Diabetes

Some children are diabetic from very childhood. The body’s immune system which keeps on fighting with harmful bacteria and virus, sometimes fight with the insulin-producing agent (called Islets of Langerhans) and are destroyed. As a result, the glucose of the body remains unutilized thereby increasing the sugar level of the body.

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How do you know if your child has diabetes?

  • You can find out if your child has diabetes or not. Do observe if he is exhibiting the following symptoms, then they is said to be affected by diabetes.
  • They will feel extremely weak, or tiredness will prevail every moment.
  • They will feel thirsty and suffer out of dehydration.
  • They will show increased rate of urination
  • They will suffer out of abdominal pain.
  • They will show signs of nausea/vomiting.
  • They will have blurry vision and complain of poor sight.
  • Their wounds will not cure fast.
  • They will feel irritated every time and have mood swings.
  • They will exhibit weight loss instead of eating sufficiently.
  • They will have rapid heart rate.
  • They will show signs of reduced blood pressure and low body temperature.
  • Diabetes in kids can be cured by regular check-ups and proper medication.

Some of the best school lunch box recipes for diabetic kids

Baby carrot, broccoli, and baby corn salad: Boil baby carrot, broccoli, and baby corn together for 15 minutes. Drain the water and then toss with salt and olive oil. Add tomato sauce and then serve.

Fruit salad: You may mix fruits like- apples, pomegranate, watermelon, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries together and then serve. Let your kid enjoy this awesome snack.

Fruit salad

Zucchini snacks: Grate zucchini and then mix with almond flour, add salt and garlic powder. Then prepare a dough and then shallow fry/microwave it. Brush oil over it in case you want to microwave. Serve this fun snack to your child.

Walnut cake: mix flour, honey, walnut, and cinnamon powder. Batter well and then pour into individual cupcake molds (grease with oil before).  Then allow baking at 180 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Your walnut cake is ready.

Brown bread sandwich: Toast two slices of brown bread. Cut slices of tomatoes and avocado and cucumber. Squeeze lemon juice, and salt to it. Slice from in between to give it a triangular shape.

Asparagus dip: Boil asparagus and then stir fry to make it crunchy. Make a sauce with low-fat yogurt, olive oil, and salt. Now, pack this asparagus fried with yogurt dip. Make sure that the yogurt is packed in the airtight container.

Baked capsicum: Take medium sized capsicum and slice into pieces, remove the seeds. Boil couscous and then layer it inside the capsicum with the help of a spoon. Then top with grated cheese. Now place at bake at 180 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. Remove, cool down and serve. This can be packed in the lunch box.

Pancake: Take flour, battered eggs, and milk. Add honey to it. Now stir till it makes an even consistency. Take little oil in a skillet and then ladle the mixture, make rounds to flatten and heat till it hardens. Remove and top with blueberries. Now pack this for lunch.

How to restrain kids from becoming a diabetic?

Well, we can try our best that children do not develop diabetes at a tender age. We should see that our children follow some rules and thereby avoid being diabetic.

  • Encourage your kids to be active every day.
  •  Stress them on healthy eating from a tender age and discourage eating unhealthy food like chocolates, chips and junk food.
  • Encourage them to accompany you to shopping of grocery. Let them read out and have an idea of what is healthy food and what is not. Let them read out the calorie content of each packet.
  • Limit their portions of sugar, candy, chips, and burger.
  • Encourage any activity and see that your child eats healthy, undergoes physical activity and sweats. This will help him to grow healthy, be taller and stronger.
  • Take care that your kids should at least do a physical activity of 1 hour. I could be in the form of swimming, running, skipping, skating, running, dancing, skateboard, cricket, football, jumping rope or any other activity.
  • Encourage them to eat a lot of fruits, fruit juice, and milkshakes. This is like inducing a healthy habit and a good lifestyle.

How can you induce healthy eating habits in your children?

  • Make your kids eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Do not skip any meal in exchange for fast food that is worse.
  • Make sure that you eat a balanced diet every day. Fill your portions with protein, fruits, and whole grains.
  • Encourage your kids to eat fruits as snacks. Strawberry, raspberry, and apples can make delicious meals.
  • Encourage your kids to drink milk and milkshake alternate days.
  • Encourage your children to cook some simple recipes, especially without fire.
  • Being active will help your children to gain a healthy weight, build muscles and shed off extra fat, grow stronger bones and have a sound sleep.

Diabetes in kids is a very critical situation. If not diagnosed and treated early, it might have serious consequences. But if treated well and taken care, especially the diet, then there are chances that the child might get back to life with full vigor and strength. Physical activity is also essential for diabetic kids, the absence of which may lead to detrimental health conditions.

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