Best Flour For Diabetics

Foods made from flour such as cookies, bread, scones, muffins, biscuits and much more are a basic necessity. But, these foods can be dangerous for people with diabetes as they have the potential to affect blood sugar levels. Let us understand with an example, a slice of bread may come in at 74 to 76 on the GI (Glycemic Index). Thankfully, some substitute flours are available for diabetics without experiencing huge fluctuations in blood sugar. These diabetes special flours are a healthier alternative to flour and are fibre-rich which can help manage diabetes well.

Ragi and buckwheat are perfect flours for people with diabetes as they are low in carbohydrates for managing blood sugar levels. While the wheat flour that we use daily is not good for diabetics as they contain excessive amounts of vitamins, fibre and minerals which makes it not easy for the pancreas to manage the sugar level. Let’s take a look at the best flour for diabetics.

List of Best Flour For Diabetics