13 Best Exercise Tips for Type 2 Diabetes People

Well to let you know on the simple thumb rule for diabetes, exercise has always been highly recommended. Shed away those inhibitions about exercise being unsafe and lethargic, as nothing beats the way a proper exercise can heal your body.

For most of the diabetic patients, diagnosed with the Type 2 variant, exercise is something that should be on top of your to-do list along with medications. Exercise is known to help curb the high blood sugar levels and keep the blood glucose levels in check. That helps a long way in stabilizing your body and keeping it off the risks.

But the thing with exercise is that it may seem daunting and intimidate at first. Should that stop you from bending your back then? No, it shouldn’t. However, we won’t advise you to directly dive into it straightaway too. How about starting with a low profile where we slowly build up the work rate? That’ll help better to calibrate ample exercise in your schedule.

We here would help you around with the list of best exercise tips that shall work wonders for you. Read along for ‘List of all the best Exercise Tips for Type 2 Diabetes People’, then.

Table of Contents

1. A quick 30-minute workout is best

  • As a general recommendation, it is strongly advised to have around 30 minutes of workout every single day. A diabetic patient should be up and move during the time period. If you can persist with a single 30-minute session without break, that’s great. Otherwise, you can time it with breaks and make at least 30-minutes of working out in a day.

2. Indulge in various household chores

  • Rather than just going through a single session of 30 minutes only, you can add a little more under your belt by indulging in household chores along with that. Indulge in activities like walking around, climbing stairs and more to add more exercise to your schedule. But don’t just keep the household chores as your sole means of exercise. Have a dedicated exercise session apart from it.

3. Get yourself a doctor’s advice on exercise

Diabetes and Diarrhea

  • A doctor who has been treating you knows your body better than we folks over here. Getting yourself a dose of advice from the doctor on exercise and workouts will be one of the best things you can do. Seek the help of the medical advisor who after consultation shall offer you the best possible exercise routine.

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4. Exercise shouldn’t always be boring

  • Who said that exercise should always be boring and bland? Exercise should be something that you and your body feel good about, something that you should enjoy rather than just the old-fashioned exercise, you can indulge in yoga, swimming or anything that you feel good about. Just consult with your doctor and you’re good to go.

5. Count your steps

  • Are you out of your mind? Is that what you’re thinking off after reading this tips. Well, apparently the technological advancements have allowed us to count our steps much efficiently. And for the record, we’re not enticing you to count your steps by yourself. The technology and machine will do the job for you. Get yourself a pedometer or a fitness band and pair it up. That’ll help you count your daily steps of at least 10,000.

6. A friend in need is a friend indeed

  • You must have heard this phrase all your life. In fact, this holds true to all sense. Getting a friend involved in your exercise regime will help you function better. Befriend someone who is looking for the kind of exercise you want to get involved in. And there you go, both of you down the parking lane on for your daily exercise.

7. Set your goals

  • Setting up goals is one way to go about your business. Pick up goals for your exercise and note them down. Kind of like 10 minutes of walking on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. But do keep in mind to have goals that are attainable. Getting over the top might spell disheartening.

8. Reward Yourself every now and then

  • The sense of rewarding yourself is a great motivating factor in human life. And it works wonders in exercising too. You can reward yourself on completion of your exercise goals like if you completed 30-minute session at least thrice a week, you can entertain yourself by attending the game at the weekend. That can be quite a decisive factor for you.

9. Keep Records

  • Quite often we indulge in exercises and rituals but don’t keep track of it. Always tend to keep records of your exercise and workouts. That will help you give a bigger picture later on. You’ll be able to track your progress and plan accordingly if you have maintained it properly. Write it down in a diary, kind of like an old’ fashioned journal.

10) Get involved with the community

  • There are many communities out there in your locality that might be related to such diabetes program. Enroll into one of them and reap the benefits of it. You’ll get to know better about your case and have proper guidance for exercise and all. Pair that with a sense of belongingness and you’re definitely at a win-win situation.

11. Plan the bigger picture

  • These small steps in maintaining your fitness will eventually lead to a bigger picture at the end. Plan your way and imagine the bigger picture of your actions. It will help you keep in line with your behaviors and help your better your health. After all, it’s not a short-term bust but a long-term action that leads to safe health.

12. Change one thing at a time

  • You might have a fondness of indulging in different activities that might harm your body and keep your body at risk for diabetic complications. But the thing is leaving this fondness are hard at once. How about we change one habit a time then? Slowly letting go of your bad habits once at a time will help you to get rid of it finally. In the end, your body wouldn’t suffer the brunt then.

13. Get yourself tested

diabetes glucose test

  • Always do your tests in time to check how your body is responding to the exercise and workouts. Have a blood monitoring test to help you know the status of your blood glucose. Also, do check the blood pressure levels at timely intervals.

The Bottom line

Exercise is something that shouldn’t ever be disregarded by anyone. And if you’re a diabetic patient, a proper exercise should always be one of your top items on the to-do list. Have a healthy dose of exercise and you’d be set for good in the long run. And don’t forget to take proper diet and your medications.

Well, that’s all from us on this one. We’ll be back with another one the next time. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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