15 Best Diabetes Websites for Self-Care Information

Diabetes is a disease which has affected millions of people belonging to different age groups all across the world. It is essentially a metabolic condition in which the sugar and glucose from the food is not utilized by our body cells efficiently to release energy. The reason for the same is insufficient functioning of the hormone, insulin which is responsible for the above function. In diabetes, either the pancreas, responsible for the production of do not produce enough insulin or the same is not utilized by our body efficiently. This, in turn, gives rise to the blood glucose levels.

The disease is considered to be really complicated because there is a host of problems which the body faces due to increased level of the blood glucose. Some of these include heart and kidney related diseases, problems in the eyes, nerve damage, etc. it is very much necessary to spread awareness and education about the disease. There are so many websites available today that one can get all the necessary information about diabetes and its complications online. Out of the plethora of information available online, we bring to you a selected few which focus on self-care for diabetes.

Diabetes Need To Know

Following are a few websites which when referred to, gives you a good amount of information about diabetes and how can you successfully manage the condition.

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1. American Diabetes Association (ADA)

This association is considered one of the best in the whole of US when it comes to spreading knowledge about diabetes and its management. The association has come out with a website of its own which helps provides important knowledge not only about the health in general but also about self-management and care about diabetes. It helps one to understand how can the condition be managed by adopting a healthy lifestyle, a strict diet, and a regular exercise regime.

The URL for the site promoted by the organization is: www.diabetes.org

2. National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC)

This is a government service which has come out with a website for diabetes management and self-care. The site offers a lot of reading material and information you may have been looking for when it comes to dealing with diabetes in a better way. The government website also educates you of cholesterol, methods of maintaining a balanced level of blood sugar, and other important aspects related to the complicated condition. What more? There are easy to learn tutorials and videos too.

The URL for the site promoted by the organization is: http://diabetes.niddk.nih.gov

3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Diabetes Division

This government organization, through its website, helps to educate people more about not only diabetes but its precursor, prediabetes. It spreads information about the same helping people to realize that prediabetes can be prevented to a large extent. The site provides with a lot of material as well as videos to spread the message.

The URL for the site promoted by the organization is: www.cdc.gov/diabetes

4. National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP)

The main aim of the site promoted by this government organization is to promote the idea that “The Power to Control Diabetes Is in Your Hands.” In accordance to that, the site aims to promote and educate people about diabetes self-care and how can you take appropriate medications for the same. Not only that, the material and resources on the site are available in multiple languages so that the same can easily be accessed by many people around.

The URL for the website promoted by the organization is: http://ndep.nih.gov/

5. Dlife

The founder of the website has many awards and accolades to its name owing to the simplicity of the website in providing information about diabetes and how the same can be managed and controlled. Through a series of work papers, different resources, questions and answers, the website provides a lot of tips as to how diabetes can be effectively managed. Not only that, the website so promoted has also become a part of the radio program, TV show, and online websites offering various products and services in order to spread awareness of the same.

The URL for the website promoted by the organization is: www.dlife.com

6. Defeat Diabetes Foundation (DDF)

This is a Florida based non-profit organization which helps to provide up-to-date and accurate information on the ways and means through which one can control diabetes by bringing small little changes in the lifestyle, by following a particular diet, and by making physical activity a daily habit.

The URL for the website promoted by the organization is: www.defeatdiabetes.org

7. The Diabetes Action Network (DAN)

The website which is promoted by this organization essentially aims to promote awareness amongst people who have either already lost their vision owing to diabetes or are losing the same due to the condition. It provides alot of information about the topic in view and also releases a quarterly magazine under the name “Voice of the Diabetic.” There are resources and lectures available for spreading education and awareness.

The URL for the website promoted by the organization is: www.nfb.org/nfb/Diabetics.asp

8. Joslin Diabetes Center (JDC)

The website which is promoted by this organization is affiliated with the prestigious Harvard school. It has loads of up-to-date information and resources on diabetes care as well as a certain explanation to various words and phrases related to the condition. The site also hosts a series of discussion forums where you also get an opportunity to learn from the experiences of all those who participate in the forum. There are online conferences and classes named “Beating Diabetes Burnout.”

The URL for the website promoted by the organization is: www.joslin.org

9. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation(JDRF)

The site promoted by this organization aims to spread awareness and educate people about type 1 diabetes. The pages and resources which are found on this website is concentrated on educating people on how to live a life with diabetes. They also have a concentrated page where they accept donations from far and wide.

The URL for the website promoted by the organization is: www.jdrf.org

10. Children with Diabetes

As the name suggests, this particular organization is meant to assist those parents whose children are suffering from the chronic condition. The site also provides an opportunity to the child who has contracted the problem to get connected on its forums. There are various suggestions available for the parents as to how can they better care for their children. Finally, the parents can learn from the experiences of the other parents and take tips of how to raise their diabetic child in a better and an effective way.

The URL for the website promoted by the organization is :www.childrenwithdiabetes.com 

11. Behavioral Diabetes Institute (BDI)

The website aims to promote “Long, Healthy, and Happy Lives” for those who are suffering from diabetes. As an endeavor to achieve this, the website promoted by this institution helps the diabetic patients to tackle all types of medical problems. The site has dedicated resources and there are forums where lectures are conducted along with the questions and answers around so that different types of queries related to the disease and its complications are answered.

The URL for the website promoted by the organization is: www.behavioraldiabetes.org 

12. American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE)

The main aim of the website formed by this organization is to help people better manage the condition and be self- sufficient while doing so. There are resources and up-to-date information available about the various problems a person suffering from diabetes might face and solutions to those problems as well are also available herein. They want to achieve optimal health and a sense of wellness amongst all the diabetes patients. Finally, there are research materials and journals on diabetes and its associated complications available with easy access to one and all.

The URL for the website promoted by the organization is:www.diabeteseducator.org

13. American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP)

This association is mainly concerned with providing tips and education to the elderly people who are finding it difficult to manage life with diabetes. It is a professional association which is targeted to help the senior citizens of our society. They provide education and guidance on various topics some of which include the names of medicines to be taken, how to ensure that the medicines have been taken wisely, appropriate timing of taking the medicine, which are the drugs that should be avoided, amongst other related information.

The URL for the website promoted by the organization is: www.ascp.com

14. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

The website which is promoted by this organization aims to educate people about the different ways in which diet can be helpful in better managing diabetes. The site aims to offer various tips about diet-related issues such as ways and means of consuming food on time, various recipes of different food involved, and finally the overall diet which one should follow in order to deal with diabetes.

The URL for the website promoted by the organization is: www.eatright.org

15. International Diabetes Federation (IDF)

This is an international association which has access across as many as 160 countries. The site bought out by this federation concentrates on the care as well as prevention of diabetes across the various parts of the world. The site aims to help people better manage their diabetes adequately. There are materials and journals available online with easy access to all those who want to learn more about the disease and its various complications.

The URL for the website promoted by the organization is: www.idf.org

The above- mentioned websites are some of the best websites enabling diabetes self-care.

We hope that the above post has been helpful in bringing to your notice the names of various websites which can enable you to deal with diabetes in an effective manner and educate you in becoming self-sufficient while dealing with the problem. There are certain websites which are dedicated to particular age groups suffering from diabetes including senior citizens and children. You can refer to anyone of these and get enough information about diabetes, its types, medications, and drugs available, and the ways of managing the same. There is a plethora of information available on these sites through journals, newsletters, magazines, etc. which can be of great help. Having said that, experts recommend that do make it a point to consult an experienced medical practitioner before taking any decision after reading what is available online!!

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