Top 10 Good and Worst Drinks for Diabetics

Diabetes is something which is spreading really fast and today we can witness hundreds and thousands of people suffering from diabetes in different parts of the world. It is spreading like an epidemic and has a lot to do with the type of lifestyle and the diet that we follow.

You have to be extremely careful about what you eat and drink if you are a diabetes patient. In this article, we shall look into the best and the worst drinks for diabetes patients. Following is the list:

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The Good and Best Drinks for Diabetes

Following is a list of the best drinks which is recommended for diabetes patients:

5. Coffee

Diabetes and Coffee

Many studies conducted in the past have shown that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes in patients. This research has been found to hold true in case of both caffeinated as well as decaffeinated coffee. It is believed that present in this drink is the compound chlorogenic acid which helps to slow down the process of glucose absorption, thereby regulating the levels of glucose in the blood.

While drinking coffee it is important to remember the following:

The recommended quantity is somewhere around two to three cups of coffee per day. However, experts also suggest that if you are a diabetes patient and stabilizing the blood glucose levels is getting challenging for you, you should cut out coffee completely from your diet.

Besides, avoid adding any types of cream, sweeteners, high-fat milk, etc. in your coffee as these can increase the level of blood glucose in your blood.

4. Coconut Water

Diabetes and Coconut Water

Another important drink that goes well for all the diabetes patient is the coconut water. This natural drink has a lot of advantages and benefits for diabetics. The drink is low on glycemic index and is a storehouse of amino acids. Besides, being a rich source of fiber, the natural drink helps to maintain the blood glucose levels within the recommended range. The water is also said to be devoid of cholesterols which make it a favorite drink for diabetes patients.

However, if you are including coconut water as part of your regular diet, do remember to drink only the prescribed amount. Anything above the recommended quantity will cause more harm than will benefit you. As per the experts, not more than 250 milliliters of coconut water should be had by a patient twice a day.

3. Milk


Milk, as we know, is very high on the nutrients content and as such, is highly recommended for those suffering from diabetes. The major qualities of this drink come from the essential nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, as well as vitamin D. However, you should remember here the following things:

For a diabetic patient, it is always advisable to for low-fat milk and skimmed milk

You should be careful of the total carbohydrates intake when you include milk in your diet and should note the same

The recommended quantity of daily intake of dairy products is somewhere around two to three cups. Hence, low-fat milk should be had keeping the same in mind.

2. Tea

Black and Green tea are considered good for the overall health of all those who suffer from a disease like diabetes. Tea is virtually devoid of any calories and is a rich source of several antioxidants making it one of the best beverages for diabetes. A few varieties of black tea is considered to be a good source of polysaccharides which slows down the process of absorption of glucose into the blood.

The recommended quantity of tea for diabetes patients is somewhere around five to six cups. However, you should remember to avoid sweeteners in the tea. Also, avoid iced teas as they have a lot of sugar in them.

1. Water


Water is undoubtedly considered one of the best drinks for a patient suffering from diabetes. Water helps a great deal in controlling the problem of dehydration which is quite common in people suffering from the disease. In fact, if you drink enough water, the body will be able to get rid of the excess glucose. The reason for the wonderful property of water is the presence of a hormone named vasopressin which helps regulate hydration.

What is the recommended quantity? The experts recommend that if you are a diabetic woman, you should drink around 8 glasses of water everyday as opposed to 10 glasses for men.

You need not always go for plain water. You can make variations by either adding lemon, herbs such as mint, basil, or even frozen raspberries in the water you drink.

Thus, the above are the best drinks which are recommended for patients with diabetes, however, it is important to remember that one should not follow this blindly as to what suits one patient may not suit someone else. It is imperative that you consult an expert before including any of the above-mentioned drinks in your regular diet!

The Worst Drinks for Diabetes

The following are the drinks which you should completely avoid if you are a person who suffers from diabetes:

5. Alcohol

Diabetes and Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the worst drinks that a diabetic patient can have. As per a study conducted by experts, people who drink alcohol regularly are always at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Another reason to avoid alcohol is the fact that it can interfere with some of the diabetes drugs that you might have been prescribed by your doctor. The blood glucose levels can either rise or become too low.

However, if you do want to include alcohol in your routine, you can have it with proper consultation with your doctor. Do remember to not go beyond the recommended quantity of the drink. Besides, whenever you drink the beverage, remember to drink only with meals and try to not take any kind of mixed drinks. Mixed drinks will normally contain added sugar that can raise the blood glucose levels.

4. Sweetened Fruit Juices

Sweetened Fruit Juices

If the fruit juice has been sweetened, avoid drinking it if you are looking forward to managing your diabetes effectively. Instead of a juice, you can always go for the original fruit which is a better choice. A sweetened orange juice contains approximately 56 grams of calories and 12 grams of carbohydrates as compared to 45 grams of calories and 11 grams of carbohydrates in a fresh orange. Thus, fruit juices can contribute to weight gain as well as high blood glucose. However, a small quantity of fresh juice without adding any artificial sweetener is something a diabetic can enjoy once a while.

3. Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks contain a lot of carbohydrates making them a drink to avoid in diabetes. They are responsible for increasing the blood glucose levels as well as decreases the sensitivity of the body towards insulin. Those who have too much of energy drinks stand at a higher risk of contracting type 2 diabetes. Rich in caffeine, the energy drinks may also lead to conditions such as nervousness, insomnia, amongst others.

2. Diet Soda

Diet Soda and Diabetes

Many people are of the view that if you are a diabetes patient, you should not drink regular soda. However, diet soda is just fine for your health. However, this is a myth and both regular, as well as diet soda, should be completely avoided if you want to manage your diabetes effectively. The drink contains artificial sweeteners that increase the resistance of the body towards the hormone insulin, thereby raising the diabetes related complications. Metabolic syndrome is something that can be caused as a result of drinking diet soda in diabetes. This, in turn, gives rise to the level of triglycerides, bad cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure. All these are further responsible for increasing the complications related to diabetes.

1. Regular Soda

Regular Soda

As per the American Diabetes Association, regular soda is the worst amongst all the drinks that should be avoided by a patient of diabetes completely. In terms of the total number of carbohydrates and calories, just one soda can contain around 150 grams of calories and as much as 40 grams of carbohydrates. In fact, in order to get rid of the calories, you will have to walk for a couple of miles. Regular soda enormously contributes to gaining weight which is a situation you would want to avoid if you were a diabetes patient. This also contributes to complications such as heart failure, strokes, high blood pressure, amongst others. Cutting out regular soda from the diet is the best way to help you stabilize your blood sugar and glucose levels.

We hope that the above post has been helpful in educating you about the top 10 best and worst drinks in diabetes. You need to avoid the worst drinks and take in the ones recommended but only in the limited quantity!

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