Is Almond Milk Good for Diabetics?

Managing diabetes in an effective manner is very important as the disease may cause several complications. The diabetes patients are normally wary of including milk in their diet for several reasons. Hence, alternatives such as soy milk and almond milk are preferred over cow’s milk when you are diabetic. In the article that follows, we shall analyze and discuss whether or not a person suffering from diabetes should go for almond milk. So, come and join in for the article “Is Almond Milk Good for Diabetics?”

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Benefits of Almond Milk for People With Diabetes

The following are the advantages of including almond milk in your diabetic diet if you are someone who suffers from a condition like diabetes:

  • Almond milk is a rich source of vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium. All these minerals and nutrients make a great choice for the diabetes patients.
  • The non-saturated fats present in the milk is considered as a healthy option for people who suffer from diabetes
  • Besides, if you are having unsweetened almond milk, you are basically taking in zero carbohydrates. This shall be helpful in controlling your diabetes-related complications, particularly that of the heart.
  • The milk is also low in calories and fat. As such, you can include it in your diet if you wish to manage your weight in an effective manner.While 1 cup of skim milk contains somewhere around 85 units of calories and about 12 grams of carbohydrates, while one cup of almond milk has only 30 units of calories.
  • Protein is something which you should have as part of your diet. When you drink almond milk, you get sufficient amount of protein.
  • The nutrients present in almond milk are very helpful in boosting the metabolism function of your body. Diabetes is caused when the metabolism is weakened and fails to function efficiently. Thus, by boosting metabolism, almond milk can help in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Calcium is very much required for those with diabetes. Almond milk provides the much-needed calcium.

Thus, almond milk can be a great replacement for dairy if you are someone who suffers from diabetes. It has a sweet and pleasant flavor as well and that is why this milk is preferred over soy milk or even rice milk. However, you need to be careful of the following guidelines.

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Possible Disadvantages of Drinking Almond Milk in Diabetes

Almond Milk Good for Diabetics?

The following are some of the risks associated with drinking almond milk if you are a diabetic:

  • If you are drinking the unsweetened version of almond milk, the amount of protein when compared to cow milk and soy milk is relatively less. This type of milk contains only a mere 1 gram of protein as against 7 to 8 grams of protein in milk and soy milk.
  • It is also believed that the unsweetened almond milk has to be combined with food items containing carbs and proteins. The reason being that the unsweetened almond milk comprises of very fewer carbohydrates and proteins. The effect of this is that you do not feel satiated if you drink the milk alone without combining the same with any other food source.

Guidelines for Including Almond Milk in Your Diabetic Diet

In order to include almond milk in your diet if you are diabetic, follow the below-mentioned principles:

  • While choosing almond milk, choose the variety that is non-GMO specified. This will ensure that the milk variety does not contain any genetically modified organisms and is, therefore, more beneficial to your health.
  • While speaking of the benefits of almond milk in diabetes, we are basically talking about the unsweetened variety of almond milk. The other varieties may not be beneficial for the diabetes patients.

Thus, you can safely drink almond milk if you follow the above-mentioned simple guidelines.

We hope that the article has been able to educate you about the relationship between diabetes and almond milk. Although the milk is a great substitute for cow’s milk and is safe for all those who have diabetes, there are certain risks associated which should not be ignored. You should consult your medical expert before going for almond milk, especially if you are a diabetes patient.

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