Does Acupressure Help to Manage Diabetes?

Acupressure has long been known to provide adequate health benefits. Diabetes is also managed well if you practice acupressure or reflexology. Research has shown that if practiced regularly and accurately, acupressure can definitely help manage diabetes. The pressure points are mainly located in the hands and the legs which are considered to be the seat of all the organs of the body.  In this article, we have tried to analyze the relationship between diabetes and acupressure. So, come and join in for the article “Does Acupressure Help to Manage Diabetes?”

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Relationship Between Acupressure and Diabetes

It has long been known that diabetes is a disease that can be controlled and managed by using the principles of acupressure or reflexology as it is also known as. If practiced regularly, acupressure can lead to a reduction in diabetes-related complications. It goes a long way in providing adequate relief from diabetes and the signs and symptoms associated with the disease.The health benefits of reflexology encompass the following:

  • Efficient functioning of the kidney
  • Smoothing and enhancing the adequate flow of blood
  • Reduction in the pain that can be caused due to various reasons
  • Helps in the regulation of blood glucose levels
  • It also helps in reducing stress and anxiety

The best part of using this method for diabetes management is the fact that there are no side-effects of using it. There are acupressure points situated in different parts of the body and the best acupressure points for a person suffering from diabetes has been listed below:

What are the Best Acupressure Points for Diabetes?

Acupressure for Diabetes

The following are some of the most effective acupressure points that help in the treatment and management of diabetes and its related complications:


The part of your palm that lies in between your index finger and the thumb is considered to be an important acupressure point that helps in controlling diabetes. For best results, you should hold this particular area with the index finger and thumb of the other hand for around 5 to 6 minutes. You can repeat the process with the other hand.


This acupressure point lies in the same direction as the little finger around the wrist. It is a known fact that this point is closely associated with the heart and that is why it plays an important role in removing stress from the heart. If you press this particular point of both the hands for around five minutes everyday you will be able to manage diabetes much more effectively.


It is known that if you able to maintain a smooth track of the digestive system, you shall be able to control and manage diabetes in a much more effective manner. This problem can be solved by devoting five to ten minutes in massaging both your knees in alternate directions. This will help a great deal in dealing with stomach and other digestive issues.

The Spleen Point

This point is located near the leg and is directly connected with your spleen. When you apply pressure on this point for about three to five minutes in a day, you can get adequate relief from spleen-related concerns.

Big Toe Point

When you apply pressure under the area just beneath the big toe, there is a much-needed relief that you shall receive. You can find yourself getting rid of most of the diabetes-related complications.


On the foot in between the points where the largest toe and the second toe lies, is a very important acupressure point. When this particular point is worked on for a mere four to five minutes in a day on both the feet, you shall be in a better position to manage your disease effectively.

Calf Area

Keeping the urinary tract and the urinary bladder clean is an important way which shall help you in managing diabetes effectively.You can achieve that by pressing against the acupressure point which lies somewhere below the knee and above the calf area. By routinely practicing this for around five to six minutes in a day, you will see a difference in the need for urination when you have diabetes.

Kidney Point or the Inner Foot Point

Exactly between the ankle bone and the Achilles’ muscle lies the inner foot point. Pressing it for around three to four minutes in a day will help in the efficient production of insulin and thereby manage diabetes effectively.

Big Toe Point

Another important acupressure point is the one that is located on your big toe. Applying pressure on this point regularly goes a long way in managing some of the symptoms related to diabetes.

Hence, the above are the acupressure points that will help you better manage diabetes. However, you should remember a few things while you apply acupressure:

  • You need to take an expert advice like that of an acupressure practitioner so that you know that you are applying acupressure on yourself or any other person effectively.
  • Also, remember that applying acupressure in the wrong way may cause some type of adverse effects on your body. It is important to apply pressure in the right way for best results.

We hope that the above article has been helpful in improving your understanding of the relationship between acupressure and diabetes and how applying acupressure can indeed be useful in managing the condition in an effective manner. Having said that, you need to do so under the supervision and guidance of an expert!

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